Miley Cyrus Regrets HANNAH MONTANA?

miley-hannahmiley-hannaLiving legend & OU Queen Miley Ray Cyrus Tweeted: ‘Regretting all the times I wanted to be grown up as a kid #someonebabyme’ ..people talk so much shit about people who do the exact same shit they do.

#hypocritesruleeverythingaroundme #sickandtired.

Do YOU think Miley regrets her Disney/ Hannah Montana business ventures?


  • Clauber

    I dont think she regrets HM or Disney, i mean she is relevant because of them, her message is more like when we are kids we really want to grow up… then you grow up and realize that it was easier being a kid

    • BrokenArrow18

      she wasnt talking about disney she always say things like that when she’s sick lol,

  • swamn05

    no, she misses being a kid, you stupid people.

  • danii

    I dont understand how those tweets give any indication that she regrets Hannah Montana. If your going to try and “read into” (more like try and start a rummor) with these tweets at least read into them the right way. When she was younger she did Hannah Montana and then she wanted to grow up so she quit doing the show, so wouldnt it make more sense to try and start a rumor that shes saying here maybe she regrets quitting the show to try and grow up and that she wants to go back to being a younger more stress free kid? Or you could not try and start rumors about her at all and say “you know I feel that way all the time too, being a kid was so much easier and fun.” I am by no means a fan of the grown up public version of miley that she shows us the public but I mean come on OceanUp if your going to try and start a rumor or read into something at least try and make it make sense.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Yeah, no, I didn’t catch that in the tweets.

  • :)

    She was forced to be a grown up when she was a kid,(disney) now she’s a grown up acting like a kid.

    • cerenagee

      Disney in no way forces their stars to be an adult. If anything it keeps them a child and she was so desperate to break free of that and grew up too fast.

      • anon

        being 15 years old with a job that thousands of people depend on to get pay checks is not a walk in the park.raven symone said thats why she gained weight on disney because she was so stressted out.Disney does not keep the kids on there kids.They are employess who have a job, Miley was 12 years old when she strated hannah montanna and should have been in school and cheerleading ,not workingto feed producers children.disney is like a machine and she talks about it in robot from cant be tamed.

        • laura

          It’s not just Disney.
          They put so much pressure on those child stars, they always have. They can never mess up, can’t do things that other kids do without it being a headline in some stupid magazine.
          If anything, it’s the fault of the parents because they didn’t shield them better and we’re probably enjoying the fame themselves.
          And hence, the curse of the child star. Amanda Bynes wouldn’t have gone all bat shit crazy if she didn’t become famous at such young age, Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t be a drug addict either, Bieber wouldn’t be doing all the shit he is doing and so and so on..

        • cerenagee

          Omg enough. I never once said it was a walk in the park. It is not Disneys fault that miley became such a thirsty drug fiend. They don’t promote that at all. She was not working to feed somebodies kids give me a fucking break. She thrived off of that fame. She thrived off of the millions of dollars she made. Kindly stfu.

          • lols

            And who’s talking about drugs here? You clearly said: Disney in no way forces their stars to be an adult. So being adult for you is taking drugs? Disney obviously forces people to be adults, like the entire Hollywood people that work with children. An example is that they don’t even care if the kids stop studying or if they don’t go to school, all they want is for them to work, work, money, money. In England, producers and directors treat a child first as a child (and a student) and after as an actor. In America, they treat a child first as an actor, which is why so many people collapse. Miley had to grow up way too fast for her age in order to keep her job, as all the other children in America that are actors.

          • cerenagee

            And who’s fucking fault is that? Its hers and her parents. If she didn’t want to do it or want the money or fame she could have quit. She could have broke her contract. Miley wanted so badly to not be seen as a Disney child and star and started hard core advertising her drugs use and sexuality as a way to be like hey look at me I’m a big girl I’m not a little Disney kid anymore. Every child pretty much can’t wait to be an adult and when we become adults we realize how good we had it as kids. Its not Disneys fault she grew up so damb fast.

    • wah

      true.I’ve never seen it that way.

  • Sick of her whining

    She seems to be saying, she hates how people freak about her actions even though they do the same things. Yes she could be regretting Disney if she has been put into the goody box Disney tends to strive for. The thing is though, what she has been doing and seems to want to portray is not what many normal people do. She would be getting similar responses, even if she never did HM. Except without HM, she would be nobody and working a real job without the $150,000,000.00 she made from the Disney machine.

    • :)

      She hates that people can’t get over the fact that she’s not fucking HM anymore.

      And she didn’t make $150,000,000.00 off of disney.

      • Cici

        She did become a billionaire at age 18, but her networth now is around $150 million

        • anon

          miley was never a billionaire.hannah montansa BRAND at one point was worth a billion dollas.this mean mechandise like the tooth brushes, dolls, book bags etc.

          Mileys acting career actually didnt pay that much,most of her networth is for singing. she only made about 12 k an episode of HM.
          she got 1 million for the HM movie and1 million for the last song

          • :)

            HM was a billion dollar franchise for Disney. Her networth then was $120MIL.

            As of last year she’s worth $150MIL. And I’m pretty sure it’s gonna go up this year.

  • boystan


  • boystan

    i really hope she sings best of both worlds at her show that’d be iconic

    • ledead


  • Rosemary

    I think we all do.

    • Some Dude

      LMAO this is funny but even funnier when i saw it featured on the home page.

    • boystan

      i loved hannah montana

  • Sara

    Oceanup and their misleading titles…

  • the fuck

    How do you even jump to that conclution by that tweet? I swear you’re related to Perez Hilton.

  • burnin’ up for nick

    Ive always wanted to ask her that, but hannah montana was just a career that she had, sont think she regrets it because here she is now, if it wasnt for disney i dont think shell exist today

  • Godney

    If anything she shouldnt regret it if she likes the live she has. Cus i really think there is no way she would be famous as she is now without that show.

    • Cici

      I agree. She would probably be a normal girl going to school or something if she didnt have hannah.

  • Emmatome

    She just misses being a kid. Everything’s easier when you’re younger. You don’t even care about what people say. And I guess she’s referring to that.

  • Cici

    Hopefully not. She wouldn’t be where she’s at without Hannah Montana

  • Cici

    But clearly it’s because she misses being kid. When we are teenagers we take forgranted the freedom we have wanting to be adults. I sure miss being a kid sometimes. But I’m sure her having that career while being a kid was not easy while still trying to be a kid

  • carla

    okay, I don’t get how you could get that from the tweets, she just means that she wishes she could be young again, in any case, she misses being hannah montana..

  • cerenagee

    Nowhere in there did she say Hannah Montana

  • feijre

    im the same age as her and sometimes i just wanna be a lid again. although i remember when i was a Kid i coudlnt wait to grow up. and yeah haha i regret it cause i wanna be a Kid again and not having any care in the world.
    shes not mentioning hannah montana or whatsoever.

  • igyuy

    she’s just saying she wishes he could be kid like most of us, we all think that way because times were easy

  • olivia

    Fuck oceanup yo…when did she ever say she regretted Hannah Montana? making something out of nothing, always. get a real fuckin job.

    • preach


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “people talk so much shit about people who do the exact same shit they do.” Something I agree with her on. Too many hypocrites in this world.