Swift Gushed About Titanic To DiCaprio

The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsTaylor Swift gushed to Leonardo DiCaprio about his film Titanic at Golden Globes Awards. An eyewitness revealed to STAR: ‘Taylor Swift was gushing about Titanic the minute she saw Leo backstage. He was gracious but definitely not as into her as she was into him. He gave her a quick hug and bolted!’

  • laura

    She’s desperate..

  • Guest

    No surprise that whore would be coming on to Leo.How many famous guys has she bedded and shes not even 25 years old yet

    • Anon

      How the fuck would you know how many famous guys she’s bedded? The majority of her “boyfriends” are just rumors made up by the media.

      • Guest

        Yeah John Mayer,Jake Gyllenhaal,Harry Styles,Taylor Lautner,Joe Jonas etc all made up.Shes a whore trying to sleep with every famous guy in Hollywood.

        • Anon

          Yes, because those six people qualify as every famous guy in Hollywood. She’s not a whore, you sound like a 13 year old who obviously needs to go look up the definition of what a whore is. And who the fuck are you to judge how many people she’s dated? You sound pathetic.

          • Guest

            Your girl is a whore, deal with it.

            Props to Leo for turning his back on that whore and not becoming another notch on her bed post.

          • Anon

            She isn’t a whore, deal with it.

            Maybe while you’re at it you can learn to stop believing everything you read so you won’t look so embarrassing. I wouldn’t expect that much out of you though, you seem set on believing in all the rumors so you can just say bad things about her. I feel sad for you.

          • Guest

            Don’t feel sad for me,feel sad for the little whore who wanted another male celebrity to go between her legs but got dissed.

          • Anon

            No I actually feel even sadder for you now…and why would I feel sad for someone who isn’t a whore? But its nice that you’re jealous of her though, because thats pretty much how you sound.

          • Guest

            I feel sad for you for loving and defending one of the biggest whores in Hollywood,my guess is you are one too.

            Now that Leo turned her down what celebrity male will Taylor try to fuck next ?

          • Anon

            I love and defend her because she’s a great person, so you should probably still be feeling sad for yourself. She was the most charitable celeb two years in a row and makes great music. I like how calling me a whore was your only defense ;) Its okay though, if that makes you feel better about your jealousy towards her then so be it.

            And none, because she’s not a whore. The real question here is why you’re so obsessed with her? Probably the jealousy taking over again.

          • Guest

            I never said she wasn’t charitable,I said she was a whore.Shes a charitable whore if that makes you feel better.

            Leo knows she’s a little whore and didn’t want John Mayor’s,Jake Gyllenhaal’s,Conner Kennedy’s, Harry Styles etc sloppy seconds.

            The guys she fucks also knows she’s a whore which is why she can’t keep a man.Guys fuck her then kick the little whore to the curb.

          • Anon

            You said you felt sad for me defending her. So I gave you my reasons why I do, one of them being she does so much for charity.

            This story isn’t even true so Leo only thinks that in your imaginary world that apparently revolves around Taylor swift.

            “Guys fuck her then kick her to the curb” LOL you aren’t even talking about Taylor anymore. Sounds more like you are talking about a personal experience, which wouldn’t be surprising. It’s alright to let it out. Just don’t take it out on someone has actually done something with her life other than spreading hate :)

          • Guest

            You seem to be in denial. I am talking about the little whore Taylor who cant keep a man and keeps getting dumped . Who was the last guy who had their fun with her then kicked her to the curb ? Harry Styles right ?

            You can stay in denial about the little whore but considering all the Hollywood guys Taylor has fucked I don’t doubt this story is true.If a whore has a history fucking famous actors and musicians its not hard to believe she would be going after Leo too.

            Me pointing out Taylor is a whore on an Oceanup article about her once again being a whore trying to bed another actor isn’t spreading hate.I don’t spread hate but Taylor does spread her legs for a lot of famous actors and musicians.

          • Anon

            I think its pretty clear now that you’re a troll looking for attention. Unfortunately I’m giving it to you, but oh well, here we go.

            The only one in denial here is you. “Who can’t keep a man” maybe its because she’s too busy running a fucking empire. “Kicked her to the curb” nope I’m still sure we are talking about you here.

            You can stay in denial and keep saying that she is a whore, but dating 2 guys in almost the last three years doesn’t make someone a whore. Because if that makes her a whore, then wow there a bunch of whores on this planet, probably you and me included. Which brings me back to you being a 13 year old who needs to go look up the definition of one. The really funny thing about this is that you act like you know her personally lmfao. According to you, you literally sat in the room with her and watched her fucked a huge amount of famous guys. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you’re calling her a whore based on rumors in the media you want to believe are true because you’re jealous of her.

            Once again, you don’t even sound like you’re talking about Taylor. It definitely seems like something personal you should get help for.

          • Guest

            Are you writing an essay ?I’m not reading all that shit.Your girl is a whore.Leo just turned her down,how long before the next story of her fucking or trying to fuck another famous actor or musician?

          • Anon

            If you don’t want to read all that shit then don’t comment shit. Because you’re just repeating the same thing over and over. Maybe you’re a one direction fan or something..either way I hope you get help for those problems you were talking about, they sound serious :/ And the next story probably won’t be long, considering how the media likes to make a bunch of rumors about her like this one. The worst part is people like you believe them and try to use it against her lol.

          • Guest

            Bunch of rumors ? Ha

            The little whore is a male celeb groupie






            The next story wont be long because the little whore will soon be fucking or trying to fuck another male celeb.

            I hope your girl gets help before she gets an incurable STD,if she hasn’t gotten one already :/

          • Anon

            LOL okay you pictured five people out of six, which is not a lot for someone who is 24 and always traveling. If she doesn’t like someone then why the fuck would she stay with them, and if she does like someone she’s not going to just stop dating because a sad little girl doesn’t know what a whore is?

            Nope, the next story won’t be long because the media needs something interesting to report about her but all she does is sit at home with her cat.

            By “your girl” I’m going to guess you’re still talking about yourself. i would love to help you out but I don’t think a gossip website is the best place. Sorry man :/ But hey, maybe next week when adds more Grammys to her collection you can come back on here and keep calling her a whore to make you feel better!

          • Guest

            She’s not staying with them because they dump her.The little whore makes that clear in some of her songs.Cant turn a Ho into a housewife, thats why the Ho can’t keep a man.

          • Anon

            So cool how you’re apparently always there when her and a guy break up. I mean, how else would you know they all dump her? You don’t have to refer to yourself as the Ho, I won’t judge you.

          • Guest

            Well there is the fact that the little whores relationships don’t last more then a few months,you know after guys hit it and quit it.

            You can also listen to the little whores lyrics.From Dear John(About John Mayor,another male celeb she fucked )

            “Or maybe it’s you and your sick need to give love then take it away”-Taylor Swift Dear John

            If you’re too stupid to figure out what that means it means John had fun with the little whore then split,because thats what guys to to celeb groupie whores like Taylor.

          • Anon

            Like I said, why the fuck would she stick around with someone she doesn’t want to be with?

            Why don’t you go ahead and listen to her lyrics dumbass. She obviously broke up with Taylor Latuner, her and Conor had busy schedules, she broke it off with Jake after going on and off, and I don’t give a fuck as to what happened with Harry.

            John is a good example of a whore. This is actually a guy who has slept with countless women and has talked about it with no shame. He messed her up, but why are you forgetting the part where she called him out?

            “I’m shining like fireworks over your sad empty town”-
            Taylor Swift Dear John

            If you’re too stupid to figure out what that means it means she called him out on his shit. A whore is someone who sleeps with a different person almost every night. I think you’re mistaking the money she makes every night for guys. I seriously pity you :/

          • Guest

            John is a male whore but Taylor has been with more male celebs by the age of 23 then John did LOL!

            John is 36 and Taylor just turned 24 and Taylor already has nearly as many celebs on her bed post as John does so if Johns a whore so is Taylor LOL !!!

          • Anon

            Taylor has had six boyfriends since she got famous 7 years ago. If you are actually comparing her to fucking John Mayer then you are fucking stupid. Then again, you act like you personally know her so that automatically leads me to believe you really are a dumbass. You probably have a Taylor shrine somewhere LOL !!! Go back to worshipping it because reading rumors about her isn’t going to help your problems no matter how hard you try ;)

          • Guest

            Sorry I don’t have shrines for whores but obviously you do.You think John,Harry Jake etc were her boyfriends ? LOL !!!. They were never her boyfriends,they just used her as the good time girl for a short period of time then kicked the whore to the curb.Taylor is Hollywood’s doorknob,everybody gets a turn.

          • Guest

            By the way,the girl in the picture next to Taylor The Whore is a classy women(Jennifer Lawrence).Jennifer his one of hottest and prettiest girls in Hollywood but she isn’t spreading her legs to every actor and musician who wants a piece of her.

          • Anon

            Aww you’re so obsessed with her you had to comment twice, how sweet! Neither is Taylor, so I’m not sure what your point is? Try again, but you just look embarrassing…

          • Anon

            Nah I’m pretty sure you have shrine dedicated to her. Hey no shame, so do I. She isn’t a whore though. And yes they were her boyfriends lolololol. Stop talking about yourself now, I get that you’ve been used but using Taylor swift’s name in place of your own isn’t going to get you anywhere. Lmao are you jealous of her because she dated Harry styles? Probably, I would see no other reason why you would be calling her a whore even though if we go by your definition, more than half the people in the world are whore. Bottom line is she’s more successful than anyone’s she’s dated, so saying she gets kicked to the curb is obviously just a reflection of your own pathetic ass life LOL!!!

          • Guest

            Well at least you admit to having a shrine dedicated to
            a whore. If I ever had a shrine it wouldn’t be to a groupie that tries to
            sleep with every actor and musician in Hollywood. Obviously you having a
            Taylor shrine is a reflection of your pathetic ass life.

            No, most of them weren’t her boyfriends. John and Jake did everything they
            could to avoid being seen with her. John proudly claims Katy as his women, he
            never claimed the little whore as his women, and neither did Jake. Harry and
            Conner were only seen with her in public to boost their own fame. After they
            had their fun with her they kicked the little whore to the curb.

            You are quite stupid to think success has anything to do with being dumped. Yes
            Taylor is more successful than all the guys who had fun with her but she
            still can’t keep a man because men don’t make whores their girlfriends.

          • Anon

            I can’t tell if its stupid how much you despise her or quite adorable? And you pretty much admitted having a shrine to her when you showed how obsessed with her you are. Taylor doesn’t try to sleep with every male musician, so don’t worry, our shrines are acceptable. I guess that means you also have a pathetic ass life.

            You keep saying the same thing and this is getting boring :/ Maybe come back when you aren’t jealous her because of the guys she’s dated? I know, her boyfriends are all hot so your jealousy is normal.

            By the way, Jake walked around New York with her and John even sang on stage with her twice. Yeah, they were definitely trying to avoid being seen with her ;) And I’m sorry you get kicked to the curb so much, your life seems very unfortunate :( Its probably the jealousy you have over someone you’ve never met but want to be like.

            No actually, sorry to break the news but you’re still the stupid one here. She breaks up with the guy if she knows its not going to work out. And thats fucking great for her.

            “I don’t care that her relationships aren’t long-term—she’s a little busy running a goddamn empire!”- Tavi Gevinson on Taylor Swift

            Taylor is more successful than all the guys she’s dated because she doesn’t take their shit. And if all that makes someone a whore, then go ahead and keep calling her one, its literally a compliment at this point. You aren’t even fun anymore, c’mon I thought you were better than that. Guess not, considering you lost. By the way, I hope you get help for your problems, nobody should ever be treated by a man that way ;)

          • Guest

            Jake walked around with her when he thought no one was looking,he never claimed her ,never went to any public events with her nor has he ever acknowledged a relationship with her.Taylor was his his temporary whore /fun time girl ,his turn on hollywoods doorknob nothing more.

            John performed with her because he is a musician and she is one of the top musicians in the world moron.John is making music with Katy Perry too but he claims her as is girl,is proud to be photoed with her,gos on talk shows with her etc.John never did that with his temporary whore Taylor.He used her for sex and to help his music career and kicked the little whore to curb.

            BTW,why can’t Taylor keep a man for more then a few months ?

          • Anon

            LOL have you ever thought it was because Jake hates paparazzi? Do you ever see pictures of him and his new girlfriend? Lmfao exactly.

            John acts proud to show off Katy because he wants to shed off his man whore image. John and Taylor were photographed at a public even too, and you should go and listen to the Ellen interview where John gushes about Taylor. You just made yourself look even stupider, poor thing.

            Ha I already told you why. Have the people who kicked you, since you’ve been using taylor’s name in place of your own, to the curb hurt you so much you can’t even fucking read? Me and you both know she isn’t a whore, but you can’t seem to get over your jealousy problem :/

          • Guest

            I knew you were beyond pathetic when you admitted you had a Taylor The Whore Swift shrine.

            I knew you were mildly retarded when you first said her celeb relationships were just rumors but then later acknowledged them then argued they were her boyfriends LOL !!!

            Now I know how stupid you are by thinking that Mayor performing with swift or praising her as a musician somehow means that he was claiming her as his girlfriend.Post one link to to John Mayor saying Taylor was his girl or that he was dating her.

            Having a successful career is no excuse for not being able to keep a man for more then a few months.Plenty of successful women have empires and can still have long term relationships,Katy Perry for example.

            You are also too stupid to know when a guy feels you are his girlfriend or his temporary whore to have fun with.A perfect example is Jake with his girl and Jake with his whore.

            A guy with his girlfriend holds her hand and is proud to show the world that she is his girl.
            Then you see Jake with his whore.Jake keeps his hands in his pocket even though the whore leaves her hands out in the cold to touch him.Jake starts pushing whores hands off him when he sees the paparazzi is watching.








          • Anon

            I knew you were beyond pathetic when you showed how obsessed you are with the great Taylor Swift. I mean for gods sake you literally searched up pictures of jake and his girlfriends because you’re so desperate…

            I knew you were completely retarded from the start. She’s had six famous boyfriends, the rest were just rumors. I didn’t say they were ALL rumors, but then again you can’t fucking read so no surprise there.

            LOL did you want him to fucking write it out on a piece of paper? You said he did everything he could to avoid her, but you forgot the ellen interview where he talks very “proudly” about her as you would claim :)

            And Taylor is a lot bigger than Katy Perry. She is more worldwide, which means more traveling and always moving. Taylor knows when to get out of a relationship if it isn’t working. If you think there is something wrong with that then I wish you the best in life.

            I don’t know who you’re talking about when you say Jake and his whore? Hmm it definitely can’t be Taylor Swift because she was his girlfriend. So tell me how you can quote one line from Dear John, but can’t talk about the entire Red album, which is mostly about her ex Jake? Lmfao its amusing to watch your wrong ass try over and over.

            Aww, look how cute her and Jake look! I’m really not sure what your point is because her and Jake look so happy together? Why are you trying to make yourself look stupid…it definitely must be your issues from before. It was fun playing with you, its nice to know you have an obsession with Taylor Swift! Like I said, I hope you get those abusive and jealousy problems worked out :) Meanwhile an actual whore will keep sleeping with a new person every night, while Taylor Swift keeps on being one of the most influential independent women in music. By the way, I definitely agree with the part where you talk about how she isn’t a whore, that was A+ man.

          • Guest

            You are beyond pathetic.Your Taylor shrine must make see and hear what you want to see and hear.He praises Taylor as a musician as says nice things about her as a person he was working with.Mayor never said he was dating her,he never says she is his girlfriend.At 4:30 in the video he said he wasn’t dating anyone.I know it hurts that he wouldn’t claim the little whore as his women but guys don’t claim whores as their girlfriend.

            This is how a man claims his women on Ellen ..(Wonder why he didn’t kiss taylor on national tv)




          • sno

            She wasn’t dating John at the time that one interview aired, she was dating the other guy from twilight. Also, just to note that his reputation was very, very filthy & it still is, well sort of, so saying that he was dating a 19 year old girl wasn’t the best idea, he avoided answering the question where he was asked about Taylor Swift’s lyric ‘Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with’ Why are you defending a racist man? John mayer is an idiot. Please go away and stop with the name calling, I don’t even know Swift that much but from what I hear in the media she’s a very sweet down to earth lady. You sound like a one direction fan.
            You should behave like a person who deserves respect, otherwise you calling her a whore is ironic, as they say. It takes a whore to recognize another one.

  • Emmatome

    I would have done the same. I mean, it’s Leo we’re talking about guys!
    Doesn’t mean she wants to date him. I just think she’s a fan and she had the occasion to talk to him, so she went for it.

    • laura

      Idk man, this is Taylor we’re talking about.
      Don’t get me wrong, I’d probably faint so kudos to her that she actually was able to talk.

      • Thefuckiswrongwithyou

        Why the fuck are you talking like she dates anything and anyone that moves? shut the fuck up, i read your comments on this post and you’re such an idiot.

        • laura

          I read before that she tried to make a move, hence my reaction. Turns out it might’ve not been her though. I even congratulated her for being able to speak to him instead of fainting. I perhaps might not like her too much, so what, to each their own. And the rest I’ve said is that he’s a babe and extraordinary actor. I have absolutely no idea how this makes me an idiot. If anything, you’re the idiot here.

  • Cici

    Titanic is amazing, but he’s done so much more amazing work as well..I think I would be annoyed hearing only about one movie.

    • laura

      What’s eating gilbert grape was the best!
      I freaking love that film :o

      • Cici

        That’s a good one! I loved Catch me if you can & Great Gatsby was amazing.

        • laura

          The chemistry between Carey and Leo was amazing! And that film was so beautifully made.
          Catch me if you can is my mom’s favourite film haha you can’t even believe how many times she’s watched that one.

          • Cici

            Of course his Romeo & Juliet was perfect…The Aviator & Inception were amazing, too! I just love any movie he does because his characters are always so intriguing. Same with Johnny Depp.

          • laura

            So true!
            Those two are such extraordinary actors, it’s crazy.

    • Godney

      I think the same, maybe Leo was annoyed because it known he doesnt want to be remembered for that movie. He sures has better. ( i still love Jack tho )

      • Cici

        Right. I watched Titanic yesterday for the 3842085902 time & still cried like a baby. Jack :(

  • Anon

    There were pictures of her talking to everyone except him though? And even if this is true, doesn’t mean she wants to date him lol.

    • laura

      Everyone wants to date Leo, he’s a babe.

      • Anon

        Lol yes obviously, I would probably faint if he was in front of me! But I doubt this article is true because its Star magazine, which is never reliable. Like seriously, don’t call her desperate based on media rumors.

        • laura

          I’d faint too :p or make weird noises…
          I don’t even know what Star magazine is haha but I thought there were rumours before about her flirting with Leo that’s why I said she was desperate. It could’ve been someone else though.

          • Anon

            Same here, I wouldn’t even be able to talk! Star magazine is realllyyy unreliable, they just make up a bunch of stuff like this to get more views without any actual proof. And I don’t think Taylor has even met Leo before since there are no pictures and she’s never mentioned anything about him, so it might’ve been someone else or just another rumor.

          • laura

            Oh really? I’m somewhat glad then that I’ve never heard of it before.
            I really think I’ve read it somewhere but yeah maybe you’re right :)

  • threelittlebirds

    Titanic is what made me fall in love with him. He’s such an amazing actor. I love every single one of movies.

  • Zaina777

    Well come on, Leo DiCaprio’s a babe. I would so tap that. However, she should couple up with men her own age to avoid constant heartbreak.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes
    • laura

      Not just Taylor haha

    • Godney

      *ALL OF US BE LIKE .
      Lets be honest yall… ( i would bend like that if leo wants me to lol)

    • boystan

      the iconic femme fatale tour

  • Clauber

    Awwww I just can say….. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Star magazine lies so damn much I don’t think they know what the truth is. It probably doesn’t even exist to them. However on some occasions their “lies” have turned out to be true. So who knows, Taylor does have the look that Leo likes and maybe she was trying to flirt to her advantage.

  • byebitches

    First of all, this is STAR so all the ignorant bitches believing this go take a hike, second of all if you’re gonna call taylor a whore remember the Leo fucks young blonde models any chance he gets. out.

  • boystan

    how rude of him to diss our lord and savior taysus christ of nazareth like that

    • GentileJewel

      Shut Up! Pig!

      • boystan

        what the fuck is wrong with you. don’t call me that you stupid cunt. smh.