Bieber Slow Up & I Want It All Listen!

Listen to Justin Bieber’s super hot new song ‘Slow Up’ & ‘I Want It All’.

  • Sick of her whining

    Is LilZa in breach of his bail for leaving the state to go to Colorado?
    This sounds like shit. Does he have marbles in his mouth, or is he drinking the purple drink?

    • JD

      Why do you care?

  • boystan


  • Nikki


  • HTown

    They sound nice, I actually think his Journals are underrated, because of his bad press and bad promotion they did bad but it’s actually a great album when put all together…too bad his best piece gets unnoticed. I guess people just don’t want to give him a chance.

    • Anon

      Not everyone is like that though. I don’t like him at all but I still listened to Journals to give it a shot because I really thought he had a good voice. The entire album sounded the same and I couldn’t even listen to some songs in their entirety. His voice just sounded whiny. I do think that his bad press and the promotion for it obviously played a big part, but imo the album was just overall not good. I liked the two big ones, heartbreaker and all that matters, but that was about it.