Selena Gomez Sundance Film Festival

selena-gomez-sundance-film-festival-2014 (4)Selena Gomez @ Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. She’s alive! Goddess it there to promote her new film Rudderless costarring William H. Macy. It was revealed today Justin Bieber may have texted Selena calling her a ‘talentless p****’ and ‘you’re only famous because of me‘.



  • Clauber


  • thesestrangelittlethings

    If he actually said that to her, I’d block him so hard, regardless of its validity.

  • Guest

    Missed her so much! :D

  • Guest!

    I missed her! :)

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    There’s my fave girl and she’s wearing her natural hair. She looks happy.

  • Rosemary

    “You’re only famous because of me” if he really did say that, then that’s the best thing he’s ever said

    • Silver


    • cerenagee

      You’re an idiot. Oceanup posted a few days ago that the texts were fake. Haters will believe anything.

  • javi g

    i hope the movie finds a buyer. william h macy is a great actor. selena has a lot of ground to recover if she wants to continue making films. specially indie films.

    • Silver

      It probably will, they already got a good review.

  • boystan

    i cant wait till she wins an oscar

    • Guest

      LOL !!!

    • Nikki


  • johnny

    why does she even wear extensions? She has equal volume and length. Its good to see that after years of straightening and dyeing it still looks that healthy. Maybe her hair stylist can help Arianna.

  • johnny

    I though she was in rehab?? Its funny how once she started to associate with Bieber again and he found away to get into more trouble, she dropped off the planet. I bet she wish she never went segwaying with him now. Obviously stopped tweeting and instagramming to avoid Bieber drama.

  • Anon

    She’s soo pretty

  • Silver

    She lost weight, and her face is kinda puffy… I am not too sure… But she has a glow and her eyes are clear… Hate to admit it but I was quite worried about her… Love this kid to bits.

  • ivan

    She has denied those pics and messages from Justin are real and TMZ rejected them-case close!

  • cerenagee

    Haters are seriously so retarded. It came out BEFORE this article was posted that those texts were fake. And oceanup even posted it you idiots.

    Anyhow – Selena looks amaze balls and so happy.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    William H. Macy face in that top picture is like “what the fuck is she doing?”