Danielle Jonas IS ABOUT TO POP!

danielle-jonas-babyDanielle Jonas flaunted her enormous REAL looking baby bump in an Instagram picture looking about to pop out the new girl soon. According to Washington Post, Kevin was spotted dining at Bibiana on Monday night with two other men without Danielle.

Kevin was dressed preppy and casual in a button-down shirt, sweater vest and tie. They hung out at the local Italian eatery with for upwards of three hours. Kevin revealed that while pregnant Danielle ‘just lies there with her stuff.’

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  • Ana

    Fake as fuck bump. It stops halfway in that pic. In other pics the bump goes all the way down. Like if you’re gonna fake a pregnancy at least make sure your fake bump is on right! In other pics it looks too round as well.

    • Ty

      Shut the fuck up You always made up shit to them You are sick You are such a hater if You are not a fan so why are You here? Sorry is not fake only is in your mind sweetie

    • Cici

      You’re dumb af.

      • RedneckAtHeart

        People commenting like they know… Opinions based off nothing but seeing pictures and watching movies and no personal experience…

        • Cici

          Right…can’t be pregnant because her belly isn’t long enough, what????

          • RedneckAtHeart

            Lmao! I laughed so hard reading some of these comments.

    • anon

      You’re a fucking idiot. If it was fake, her belly button wouldn’t be poking through her shirt. Look at Kevin’s Instagram for her sonogram and video of the baby kicking in Dani’s belly. Then tell us if it’s still fake.

  • boystan

    selfie game 2 strong

  • boystan

    queen of selfies

  • liza

    POP What??? She is not pregnant Ocean up!!!! That’s a FAKE bump! lol

    • Q

      How can be fake no body lié to to this

  • liza

    Danielle Jonas is not pregnant! how can she be? she has NEVER had or have sex with Kevin! Kevin has a bf, don’t you know Ocean up??/ he is gay!

    • KK

      Wow seriously You have problems haha gay? Haha sorry but Kevin is married to a woman i am laughing right now please tell me another joke i want to know what else got in your mind to made this shit again

  • Moon

    Wow those sick people who hates jonas brothers they have no idea what are they talking about they always ivented things like is not making any sence

  • Some Dude

    I would die and go to heaven if it was actually a balloon and she popped it with a needle for an instagram vid.

  • Some Dude

    But really we’re over it just give birth already.

  • liza

    They paid 1,000.000 for the baby! from a lady I think from San Francisco, so they are waiting for her to give birth!

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      WTF? Give it up already.
      You’re. Fucking. Mental.

  • Demi Lovato

    I think it’s sick to fake a pregnancy. Really despicable.

    I bet they won’t even tell their child that they were from a surrogate.

    • soft ghetto

      it’s sick how uneducated you are lmao

  • http://lovinq-you.tumblr.com/ FuckHarry

    People actually think she is faking this pregnancy? Wtf.

    • XaskTaylorX

      Don’t know what to believe now of days. =|

  • XaskTaylorX

    Kevin revealed that while pregnant Danielle ‘just lies there with her stuff (and takes selfies of herself!)’ XD I know a lot of women past and present that worked while pregnant. Can’t wait for the baby still.

  • Cici

    That is all there is to do while being hugely pregnant.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    For those commenting like they know everything about being pregnant that have actually never been pregnant please kindly shut the fuck up.

    She is in the last month(2 months) of her pregnancy, do you guys have any idea how tight and round your stomach gets during that time? If the mother is all belly(which Danielle is) it will not look real. It is also very uncomfortable.

  • dlovCyr

    Shes been pregnant for like 2 years now.

    • RedneckAtHeart

      Seems like it, but they announced it in July and she was already like 3 months.

    • KK

      haha two years what the fuck please be like this two years it dosent exist soo shut up

  • Gladly

    Not trying to hate, don’t get me wrong, but there are just SO many rumors going around and these pictures aren’t helping either… it sounds & looks 100% fake to me.

    • ty

      well those pictures are not fake dont put this ideas in your mind because is not true

  • Anonysaurous

    That is so exciting. I bet they can hardly contain their joy. All the congrats. I’m sure the baby is going to be beautiful. and she looks fantastic.

  • california

    her face is soooo fucking long like almost as long as her torso damn. no comment on the baby/fake baby