Justin Bieber Spent $75K At Strip Club

selena-bieber-pictures (15)Justin Bieber spent $75,000 partying at a Miami Beach strip club last night, reports TMZ. Lil Bieby flew from Colorado to Miami Beach for his friend Lil Scrappy’s birthday party, first heading into Mansion nightclub before visiting the King of Diamonds Gentleman’s Club a few hours later.

And a representative for the venue told website TMZ that once inside, the ‘Baby’ hitmaker changed up $75,000 into dollar bills and ‘went wild’. The Canadian singer has sparked controversy for partying in over-21s nightclubs because he buys his way in.


  • Gladly

    there’s a new story on him every day. all of them are so negative. i wonder how much of this is true or made up by tabloids.

    • Q

      well is not made up because this kid got seriuos problems like drug addiction pee in the snow throwing eggs typical you are just a fan of justin bieber that loser idol i fell so sorry for you because he is not worth it

      • anna

        I feel sorry for you for not being able to form proper sentences.

        • anon

          Chill, English might not be their first language.

          • Q

            Soo what is this a english class ? Please like You know better then me You got mental of 5 year old and dont change your name Anna or anon

          • KK

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        • Q

          Haha i feel sorry for You because You are fan of this shit person Justin bieber please what a loser

  • PICK

    Even those his messed up and on drugs all the time can we take a minute and see he still takes pictures with his fans. Still stops and talks to them. I think that’s why his fans still stand behind him .. They know his messed and needs help but I think that’s one of the reason.
    But his still an ass but idk

    • KK

      haha he dosent take pictures with fans because he dosent love hes fans thats why justin bieber got shit on his mind he thinks he is superior to everyone but he is not he is better get of to his high horse and live his reality because this this kid is not normal he always gets problems like drug addiction slleping with prostitudes well this kid needs a rehab or go to mental hospital or be arrested

      • hnghnhgm

        hahahaha sleping with prostitudes? i bet his sleping with men because he is homosexual and is time that this fag come out to the closet

        • Cici

          I feel like this whole conversation was between one person…..haha

          • :)

            lmao. I see it.

          • KK

            What? Are you talking about

      • Q

        i know justin bieber got mental disorder i dont what is going to be in his future maybe he is gonna be criminal or something or serial killer because this kis is not normal the way he acts

      • Shut Up

        You are fucking stupid. Stop changing your username we see your dumbass. Damn you talk like you know him :O What is wrong with you, sick children.

    • rinni

      Uhn no he charges 1000 fr a meet and gerret and spends less then 10 seconds with each person

      Its very clear the beliber are wating for jsutin to shoot somebody before they can see he not a good boy

  • Demi Lovato

    He needs to save his money, or he’ll end up like Aaron Carter – on crack, broke & desperate.

    • Cici

      He already is on that path. I’ve been predicting it for a couple years now! trainwreck.

      • :)

        I hear ya. I’ve also said that he’s gonna crash and burn, a few years back.

    • anna

      even worse, he could end up like demi lovato

      • RegReach

        the fuck does that mean

    • Shut Up

      God damn he is on YEAR OFF, can’t he have some fun and fucking have fun? Let him have fun; it does not affect YOUR life. Countless celebrities have been to strip clubs:http://www.thefrisky.com/2009-

      He is soon turning 20, what’s the big deal. Oh God y’all are fucking pathetic.

      • Shut Up

        I guess I wrote have fun too many times my apologies, didn’t read it before I posted it , but you got my point. Live it up.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Wow TMZ is keeping serious tabs on him, they might as well change their name to something close to Bieber’s and start adding him to their payroll.
    Who cares mow much he spent in a strip club, it’s his money.

  • boystan

    he still has a nice bod

  • BrokenArrow18

    did he do something illegal?

    • Shut Up

      No, but idiots are making it a big deal.