Nick Jonas Sad Eyes @ Airport + Joe

nick-jonas-sad-eyesnick-studioNick Jonas looked sad @ LAX airport with Joe on way back from Vegas.

UPDATED with pic of Nicky in the Studio and Joe and Blandie at party.

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  • anon

    1)this wasn’t today, it was Sunday when they came back from Vegas.
    2)he doesn’t look sad he looks hung over.

  • liza

    Sad eyes?? lol he is just tired of all the fun he had :)

  • liza

    He sure did enjoy the party and everything that came with it…. hmm

  • boystan

    they probably had a fight :(

    • liza

      You too, SHUT UP!!! Olivia is no good for Nick! She is using Nick! big time!

  • boystan

    it’s ok all couples have fights

    • liza

      Oh SHUT UP! Nobody gives a shit bout Nolivia!! And THE FAMEWHORE Olivia!

      • boystan

        i was talking about joick

        • Fghjk

          Please dont put ridiculous comments

          • boystan

            dont tell me what to do you dumb fuck

    • Q

      Haha You got mental disoder to like made up shit like that

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Looks ore hungover than sad lol.

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    nah, he just looks tired..