Bieber & Sidekicks Leave W/ Groupies

bieber-sidekicks-groupie-hookup (7)Justin Bieber and his sidekicks pictured below leaving Mansion in Miami on Jan. 21. They went to Mansion at 2:30 AM and stay for an hour tgeb they went to a strip club. Source told E! News:

He was sitting at a table with Khalil, Lil Za, and DJ Mauricio. They were having a really good time, they were jumping on the couches. Lil Za took off his shirt and then was asked to put it back on.’

Bieber ordered plenty of Red Bull and water for his table. During his hour there, a few girls joined Bieber and his sidekicks at their VIP table: ‘Justin’s security was very diligent. They did not allow people to take pictures of him.’

Bieber left Mansion around 3:30 with the girls and headed over to Miami’s King of Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club with his entourage: ‘He left to King of Diamonds with a group of three girls whose cell phones got taken away by his security before they left with Bieber.’

  • Guest

    And Selena keeps putting her health at risk running back to this likely STD infected douche :(

    • HTown

      Bitch please, they’re not dating right now? Have you ever though SHE GIVES HIM MIXED SIGNALS? Maybe she keeps changing her mind and he moves on? Stop licking her ass. if he was that big douche she wouldn’t take him back 10 times, she just can’t make her own mind.

      • Guest

        They were together a few weeks ago

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Get some new friends.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    does he just trade friends when one is arrested ,because i have never seen these guys with him lol

  • Dash

    Selena deserves better. And before people ruin this with hate comments about selena, like her or not. every girl deserves someone that’s going to treat them right not some douche that has sex with strippers and other randoms. I get it he’s young, famous and rich but enough is enough.