Justin Bieber Segway Sassy In Miami

Semi-Exclusive... Justin Bieber Enjoys Miami With His Crew
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Flopping popper Justin Baby Bieber shopping, checking out the beach and skateboarding with his large entourage on January 22, 2014 in Miami, Florida. He threw a water bottle at someone and rode a segway.

Justin recently dropped $75,000 at a Miami strip club during rapper Lil Scrappy’s birthday party. Meanwhile. ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez is attempting to distance herself from him but the irreparable damage has already been done. Photos: FameFlynet.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    every day paps follow and stalk him just to catch him doing something ‘bad’ and ‘shocking’. If they were following me id probably do worse to them, kudos to justin for just throwing a water bottle at them.

  • ivan

    Keep the smear articles coming; this kid can’t take a piss without 50 photographers looking for dirt on him.

    • oops

      because he’s pissing in buckets and/or in public

  • HolyGround

    “Segway Sassy” lol

  • ltw

    omg what are those clothes… he should’ve stayed with the believe album style :/ he looked def much better.. how does anyone find someone hot in those clothes. traumatized for lyfeeeeeeeee. srsly.

  • boystan

    he looks like a fucking mess

  • boystan

    get a stylist

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I think he will be better at doing the trick if he pulled up his pants and tighten his belt. I like his outfit here.

  • JUG

    Apparently, Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI in Miami last night according to Canada’s national broadcaster, CBC. http://www.cbc.ca/news/arts/justin-bieber-arrested-in-miami-police-confirm-1.2507735


    • Marina And My Diamonds

      I found out some hours ago. I’m so fucking done with his antics.

  • Jen

    Oceanup Justin was arrested this morning! hes in jail for DUI resisting arrest and drag racing

    • Thinking Individual

      Lol damn you keep up :O

    • Cici

      haha you saw it too! i thought it was funny. Bound to happen anyway.

      • Thinking Individual

        I don’t think it’s funny…really. I am now scared for him and I will wake up one day to news he committed suicide. It’s just too much and I don’t want him to end up like MJ. He needs help NOW. Where the fuck are his damn parents? Disgusting, + entire world wishing him death now, no wonder he went nuts.

        • sno

          Michael Jackson didn’t commit suicide.

          • Thinking Individual

            Did I say he did ? No, I said in a way of ending up like he did OR committing suicide, learn how to read. I know damn well what happened to MJ but fools believe the media.

          • sno

            Sorry, English isn’t my first language & you didn’t have to be so rude.

            Justin taking Prescription Drugs? I did not know that.

        • Cici

          Not funny in the laughing sense, but funny as in what everyone is predicting for his future is actually happening. MJ was self medicating for so many years, and ended up completely dependent on it. He was surrounded be the ” Yes Men” in his life, and no one tried to stop his drug use. So in a sense it was suicide, because he was slowly killing himself, but it was more he wasn’t surround by any good people to help him get healthy again. So it is very plausible for Justin and his using groupies, His mom needs to really step in. It’s crazy. The death threats, rape jokes, etc. make me sick. Justin does not deserve any of that nor is he a bad person, he is just caught up in the wrong thing & lost with all that money.

          • Thinking Individual

            I hope they do, I just saw his dad was with him all this time in Miami…like, what the hell? man be a God damn father for ONCE to your son and help him out

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            I agree with all of this. “Yes men” can be dangerous in anyone’s life. He needs real structure in his life more than ever and I hope his parents finally step in and say enough is enough. He needs help.

  • Liz

    Seriously , his father was there the whole time. Jeremy is a douche bag, he was clubbing with his kid, parties and he was one of the guys blocking the road off for them to race. No wonder justin went down this path with a role model like that. Nice one asshole.