Swift ‘I Want To Know When To Stop’

taylor-swift-stopTaylor Swift VARIETY interview. Taylor uses her cell phone filled with ‘phrases I thought of that would be better if you twisted it around in some way, phrases that rhyme really well with this other phrase that you could twist to make a sort of off-rhyme … I’m always making notes.

My favorite people to work with are the bluntest, the ones who will say no. It’s important to have someone say, ‘That’s not good enough, go write a better pre-chorus,’ so I can go back to the drawing board. I don’t want people thinking if they’re too hard they won’t get to write with me again, when in fact it’s the contrary.

I have lot of goals, and one of them is to know when to stop. I love the sound of applause but I don’t want to become addicted to it in order to feel whole. It’s the creative part of music-making that I could never live without.

Hopefully in your life you make graceful decisions, dignified career choices. There are lots of different directions to go in, and I’m not anywhere close to being out of ideas here. But as I grow older, I hope I can continue to rely on gut feelings and continue to be self-aware.

Self-awareness is usually the first thing to go when people lose touch. So ideally I can keep my wits about me.’ To date, even Swift’s lowest-selling album has been certified quadruple platinum, and her current 79-date world tour has already grossed $115 million.

Jody Rosen did a profile of me recently where he called (my songwriting) both purple and precise; a mixture of some very purple lines and some very precise details. I thought that was very astute. I know I obsess over the different facets that people have to their personalities if you pick them apart.

I’m obsessed by the idea that in real life there’s no such thing as a bad guy or a good guy. So thinking in character or writing from the perspective of a character, it’s really like picking one version of who I am.

When I’m writing my own stuff, it’s about picking the specific corner that I want to view the world from. But for a character, it’s lucky when you have a really good performance. (Watching ‘One Chance’) I could see a song playing out as I saw the facial expressions, it was easy.

  • sno

    She sounds very smart.
    That picture looks beautiful :) She’s releasing a new album or taking a break? is that why she’s talking about ‘knowing when to stop’?

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      She has a new one this year I believe , she always releases them 2 years apart :)

      • sno

        Oh that’s great, thank you.

  • anonymous

    since max martin wrote the two best-selling songs on the last album i’m yawning

    • Jen

      just because a song “sells” well,doesn’t mean its a good song. Listen to “the last time” or “state of grace”. Theyre beautifully written and way better than her leading singles.

      • anonymous

        my point is her commercial success in her last album was mostly not because of her writing

        • Anon

          You do realize that she also wrote those two songs with max martin? And the entire album Red, which she either wrote or co-wrote every song on, sold 1 million copies the first week, not just the two songs.

          • anonymous

            yes but i don’t think it would have been successful without max. he makes the hits

  • Anon

    Its great that she surrounds herself with people who will tell her the truth. So excited for the next album.

  • boystan

    i’m expecting a new album this year don’t let me down tay

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She’s going to be a legend one day.