Selena ‘Demi Knows My Darkest Secrets’

selena-gomez-demi-lovato-dark-secretSelena Gomez revealed to Seventeen about longtime friend Demi Lovato: ‘Demi’s very, very strong. She’s the only person that I would tell the deepest, darkest secrets to. The only person. I’ve known her since we were seven, and we did fall apart for a while.

She was going through things and I was so young and it was confusing, I processed it saying, ‘OK, I don’t understand what she’s going through so I’m just going to do this.’ And I don’t think it was fair, and I’m so happy that I have her back in my life now.

I feel like we’re all given what we can handle, and clearly someone thought she could handle so much, and she could, and she did. She’s incredible for that. I couldn’t imagine going through some of the things that she went through, and the fact that she is who she is today is insane, she’s one of my inspirations.’ Do YOU think Demi will ever spill the tea?!


  • jui

    spill the tea about selena’s secrets??? NEVAH!
    but she’s probably gonna talk about what happened in her childhood with patrick & all that…

  • FuckHarry

    Nah Demi wouldn’t spill any secrets she’s too loyal, but I’m glad they are friends again I missed Delena

    • :)

      This shit always comes out! Somehow, someway.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    demi is writing a tell-all ,but i doubt she will spill anything about selena unless she ok’s it.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

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    haha i miss these times

  • Guest

    You find out who your friends are during your darkest moments.During Demi’s darkest moments Selena turned her back on her.

    • ali

      no she didn’t. demi said herself that during her time in rehab she learned who her true friends were. she checked her phone and was actually surprised but the limited amount of messages she had from people…she only had a few who actually wanted to be there for her during a tough time. she said selena was one of those people who contacted her. so you’re entirely wrong…

    • Silver

      Selena said she was young and didn’t know how to process it and help her… she DID NOT say she turned her back on her. Talk about misinterpretation. lol

    • anonymous

      she wasn’t her parent and sel should have done what was best for sel. the irresponsibility is with demi’s AND sel’s parents. you should protect your children. not make them part of highly stressful situations

  • boystan

    she’s seen her puci

  • sno

    “She’s the only person that I would tell the deepest, darkest secrets to. The only person.”

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      just what i was thinking haha

    • anonymous

      i wouldn’t want to be part of the deepest darkest secrets club tbh

    • boystan


    • hm

      Swift probably is jealouss lol

  • anonymous

    it’s so dangerous to believe things like ‘everyone is given what they can handle’. is a person murdered given all they can handle? that kind of thinking is only a justification for bad things

  • dede

    I thought taylor is the one who she told her darkess secret, so now that demi is famous she back to kissing her butt, I knew this will happen. she hang around people who at their prime of their fame. yes demi and her were friend but selena dropped her when her fame die down, now that she getting more exposure she back with demi, typical of her!!! I don’t know how people buy her bullcrap.

    • Silver

      Demi is getting more famous?

  • dede

    Her darkest secret she screw miley boyfriend to gaind fame from him and she didn’t even love him. nick was stupid and bought all her lies about miley. just s she could break them up. as we heard on miley song, and nick selena was the storm that destroy them. everything was so nice before she got to Disney and selena ruined it!

    • caifornia

      uhh this is 2014…. and no it takes 2 people to make a relationship if nick didnt want selena he didnt have to pursue her or let her pursue him. we still dont really know what happened.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “Demi’s very, very strong. She’s the only person that I would tell the deepest, darkest secrets to. The only person.” TayTay side eyeing you.

  • Cici

    Just sharing this unexpected news this morning.

    Of course TMZ always has the better story.

    • Thinking Individual

      Damn y’all keep up :O

      • Cici

        My local radio station posted about it this morning on facebook, so I thought I would share it haha

        • Thinking Individual

          Damn I feel sorry, he really is loosing it and needs help. I can’t even imagine how his parents feel. And his disrespectful haters as usual are happy and wishing death,rape,overdose and shit SMH :S

          • Cici

            I feel so bad for his mom…I know it must be heartbreaking to watch your son mess up so much, & get involved with the wrong crowd..especially infront of the world. Him getting death threats & stuff is ridic. But he does need to learn, & grow up. I guess he is going to learn the hard way

          • Thinking Individual

            I hope, I am just scared I won’t see he committed suicide and ends up like MJ. First time I will pray for a celeb because I am really feeling sorry now.

          • Cici

            I don’t really see him committing suicide as much as I see him ODing & in serious rehab soon. It really is just sad. He was once a a sweet little boy who found the wrong friends. It happens a lot though

          • Thinking Individual

            Don’t be fooled, anyone can committ suicide really :S but I hope it will all be alright really.

  • Emmatome

    I don’t understand anymore. Like, is Demi her best friend or is it Taylor?