Miley To Perform At Pre-Grammy Gala

miley-mems (3)miley-cosmoMiley Cyrus wasn’t nominated for a Grammy but she will perform at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy gala alongside four-time Grammy nominee Lorde. The Grammy Awards will air live Sunday on CBS from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Miley’s costume designer Roberto Cavalli blog: I admire Miley Cyrus.. a great artist, a complete artist! Miley has always been able to master her success, first as an actress and then as a singer.. Miley breaks the mold, improvises, provokes and amazes as only a great artist can do..

It must be recognized that Miley has put to good use the artistic genes inherited from her father, a famous American country singer, but at the same time she has been able to create her own space. I have always admired the style of Miley in wearing my clothes and I am therefore happy to give my contribution to her ‘Bangerz The World Tour’ with special clothes that I designed just for her..

Miley has a perfect body and so I wanted to highlight her figure but at the same time create costumes that would allow maximum freedom of movement on stage.. Designing clothes for a performing artistIt is never a simple task. You have to be able to tune into the ‘mood ‘ of the artist, creating clothes that are able to interpret the theme of the show as a natural complement.

With Miley it was simple because of the harmony which exists between her and my creations… we are both nonconformist and we both love to experiment.. to surprise.. to innovate.. I’m sure her new show will be a success, a success that Miley Cyrus fully deserves for the commitment and professionalism that shines through in every one of her performances..

Go Miley go!

Vi abbraccio..


  • BrokenArrow18

    hope she performs wrecking ball

    • esseff

      most likely she’s gonna sing “Adore You”

  • Cici

    I hope she performs in clothes.

  • :)

    That’s pretty cool. Can’t wait for her unplugged session!

  • boystan

    i really thought she was gonna get nominated lol

  • roxanneXD


  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    So she can’t perform at the actual Grammies?

  • Carmen22

    The Grammys are for people with actual talent.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes


    • :)

      She has talent. Besides, she’s young and will be in the music business for a long time. So no sense rushing with the awards.

    • RegReach

      No its not. have you seen some of the grammy winner
      ista all a popularity contest initself
      just with a restrictive voting

  • lame

    all “singers” (not actual artists) go through
    1- the innocent phase
    2-the “shedding phase 1″ phase by trying too hard to be sexy
    3-the “I’ll do weird random shit that in my mind had absolutely no point and I’ll mix a bunch of stupid shit and later I’ll claim that I was being artsy and every element was a ~metaphor for some deeper meaning shit when in reality it isn’t” phase

  • cerenagee

    Well if she didn’t act the way she did Cosmo wouldn’t say things like that

    • :)

      Cosmo didn’t say things like that, Gov. Mike Huckabee did. Go visit Cosmo’s twitter and read all about it.

      Oh by the way, the comment in the selena post is not from me. Apparently there is two of us :) on here.

      • cerenagee

        Ohhhh I see. I feel like people just make the :) user to pair us against each other sometimes.

  • RegReach

    Sing adore you
    you just need 1 more top ten to hit that Big girl status