Ariana ‘Ignorant To Make Fun Of Justin’

ariana-grande-justin-bieberAriana Grande dished to Boston’s Mix 104.1 radio station about Justin Bieber and Miley: ‘I think she’s dope, I think she’s a rock star, I think she’s expressing herself, and there’s nothing wrong with adding a little fun into pop culture. I wish I had enough confidence to get naked and sit on a wrecking ball. If you had her body, you’d be on that ball right with her.’

Ariana also defended Bieber after he was arrested for drink driving: ‘I think it’s really serious. I’ve seen tweets of people making fun of the mugshot and all this stuff, and it’s so ignorant. It’s got to a point where I just want him to be okay.

It’s this very serious thing. It’s not just like a kid who’s, you know screwing around, it’s dangerous. It’s very serious and upsetting. He’s the most visible and yet isolated human being I’ve ever met.’

+ Ariana called Camila Cabello on Instagram: ‘wifey’.

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  • anonymous

    ariana. here’s some advice

    drama only f*cks up your career. you’ve had enough already. do the most with what non-hoeness you have left

    • cerenagee

      She’s not at all causing or contributing to any drama by making this comment.

      • anonymous

        think about what you said for like 10 minutes and look at why you could be wrong

        • cerenagee


          • Marina And My Diamonds

            She can’t.

          • cerenagee

            I know. All that dumb bitch could do was thumbs me down. Dumbass.

          • anonymous

            LOL because it’s my job to help you

          • cerenagee

            Dude you’re the one who commented to me first hahaha bye bitch

          • anonymous

            *facepalm at you*

  • HolyGround

    Her supporting him like this and making it seem like what he did was completely fine is just going to make more young people think its okay to do too. He did something bad and just because he’s Justin Bieber doesn’t make it fine. If it had been a random person arrested for the same exact things Justin was charged for, I’m pretty certain that not a single person would defend their actions. I get that the media is all up on him, but he’s just giving them the bait.

    • cerenagee

      she isn’t defending his actions though. She’s just saying the way people are going about it isn’t okay. Cuz its not. The guy who plays toby from pretty little liars posted a pic on instagram of Justin’s mugshots. Then the Seth rougen thing. And all these people who are just making fun of the fact that he got arrested. She’s saying its not about making fun of him, its a serious thing that’s going on and he needs help.

      • Guest

        Exactly, people are so stupid they don’t even read. I completely agree, I am not condoning his stupid actions but people who make fun of everything he does are simply assholes and douchebags more then he is. But let them make fun of him, karma’s a bitch!

        • cerenagee

          Its just so immature. I saw the actor from pretty little liars post that and I was just like wow I lost so much respect for you. That’s just an asshole thing to do.

      • HolyGround

        I think at this point the only thing that is going to help him is jail time. I definitely agree with her saying its a serious thing and he needs help though. I know its wrong that everyone is making fun of him but I feel like everyone has been waiting for the moment justin bieber got arrested and he gave them what they wanted. Now everyone is just taking their shots at him. Not right, but its expected.

        • cerenagee

          Totally. Its expected but wrong imho. He does need jail time or rehab. Rehab not only for his attitude but his substance problems and he needs therapy.

          • Thinking Individual

            He should go to Fiji, for real.
            My friends dad had huge depression after his divorce but he had money and he went there on some therapy and he was great after it, it’s not actually rehab but it’s good. No phones no nothing for a month or more.

          • cerenagee

            There are these rehab programs that you have to like be out in the wilderness with no phones or anything and you hike mountains and all stuff – I like that could be good him too. Something therapeutic

      • amy

        Ariana tweeted “days like today remind us how much more compassion, understanding and
        tolerance we need to have for 1 another.. less judgement and critique” about the Justin Bieber situation. I support her saying that we shouldn’t make fun of him getting arrested, but I can in no way support her view that we should show understanding and tolerance towards Justin. He was driving under the influence, which is terribly responsible and dangerous. It upsets me that she wants people to show compassion to someone who broke the law and risked people’s lives.

        • cerenagee

          For that tweet I think its a load of bullshit as well but then again she never said that tweet was about Justin. Oceanup as well as all of us assumed it was. But if it is I agree with you. There’s no tolerance or need to be compassionate and understand that he was being reckless.

  • cerenagee

    Shes right. She’s not defending what he did. She’s saying its not okay and its a serious dangerous thing. But what she’s saying is that its also not okay to bash on someone and make fun of their mugshot. how is that going to encourage him to get the help he needs? People are either defending him or making fun of him when in all reality its like he fucked up and broke a law and needs help and needs to change.That’s all that she’s trying to say. Nowhere is she saying what he did was okay.

    • anonymous

      he needs no support he needs to choose to do the right thing

      • Unicorn

        Um everyone who is struggling and going through something NEEDS support of any kind from friends and love ones and family you idiot. He will do eventually the right thing and handle it personally, you don’t know what is the right thing for him at all. He does need support, not in a way of enabling him and his actions and letting him behave like a douchebag but simply good support to get help and calm himself down.

        • anonymous


          • Unicorn

            Yes. Are you really stupid or what?

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            No just evil.

          • anonymous

            go ahead and ‘help’

      • cerenagee

        It’s not supporting his actions it’s supporting his mental wellbeing. Someone who isn’t mentally well will continue making bad decisions.

        • anonymous

          no he can choose. unless he was reckless enough to do enough drugs to prevent him from choosing, but then he deserves to be left

          • Ciara

            No one deserves to be left alone at their worst.

          • anonymous

            well waste your life supporting someone like that then come back

          • cerenagee

            And you’re right. He makes stupid decisions and they’re not okay. But people editing his mugshot pics to look like a tranny or to look like miley and people just making fun of him because Justin bieber got arrested aren’t making things better. Isolating someone does not encourage good behavior. You’re very hateful – so sad.

    • Zaina777

      Yeah she isn’t but you know what though. She is defending him like he was the only victim of this. Someone could have been seriously hurt. I agree no more making fun of him but the thing is he put so many lives in danger that night and she didn’t even acknowledge that at all. If he is really lost he should have went to rehab right away maybe even secretly or even just left for a bit from the scene/

      Instesad, he is smiling during mugshots like he did nothing wrong and going back to partying as if his life isn’t in any danger whatsoever or the whole MJ thing regardless of the talent comparison he should have never even went there it makes it look like he thinks he is special or that he achieved something that he hasn’t before.

      Maybe it’s societies fault for making fun of him when he first came out. That being said this isn’t the way to handle it. If he doesn’t want to be seen as feminine whatsoever then he should be more masculine without protraying the whole bad boy image. He doesn’t have to say that he bangs bitches to be seen as manly or masculine by society.

      If he is a boy he is a boy and no amount of Justine or Mrs Bieber or Miley Bieber is going to change that. Justin should just be true to himself and please no one else but himself.

      • cerenagee

        Okay and I completely understand what you’re saying but she still isn’t defending his actions and everything you just listed are actions. She did acknowledge that he could have hurt someone. Just because she didn’t outright phrase it that way doesn’t mean she wasn’t. She said this is a very serious and dangerous thing its not about a kid just messing around anymore its dangerous and serious. She’s saying that the way people are treating it is taking away from the seriousness of the situation.

    • Godney

      I agree with this, but she could have said this a little better. To make sure she is not defending his actions. Cus it can take the different way. (I do believe is ignorant to defend his actions as well , as i been seening all over internet by his beliebers)

  • fuk that

    STFU. I can’t stand celebrities acting like they care or are so “deep”. The reason people are making fun of him is because he is a privileged white male who is clearly getting away with his horrid behavior. He should have been deported yet is still running around like he did nothing at all. Actual Americans get shot everyday for the crimes he’s committed. He gets what he deserves.

    • Username

      Lol no one gets shot for what he did, they normally get arrested for DUI just like he did. What other crimes did he do which were actually proven he did them? You shut up and try to not be a biased asshole and get the girls point. It is IMMATURE and rude to make fun of someone’s mugshut, case closed.

    • cerenagee

      Omg you seriously sound like a moron. She isn’t supporting his actions do you know how to read?

  • Emmatome

    She seems really smart.

    • anonymous

      no she’s a hoe

  • liz

    facepalming @ that comment about miley cyrus having “enough confidence” to do what she does. any woman in the entertainment industry who resorts to pretending to be someone they are not and using shock value to get attention is clearly lacking some kind of personal esteem. performers who feel that being who they are is good enough come out on stage as their real selves. they don’t need gimmicks.

    and since when does getting naked for the world to see equate to confidence? that’s just gross, immodest, and indecent. let’s not glamorize it unnecessarily.

    • honesty


    • cerenagee

      Haha I do agree with you about the miley part.

  • Elizabeth

    ” I’ve seen tweets of people making fun of the mugshot and all this stuff, and it’s so ignorant.”
    The only ignorant thing here is Justin’s DUI, Ariana.

  • Cici

    Does her dress say hannah montana or am I seeing things??

    • Amy

      The belt definitely says Hannah Montana.

      • Cici

        lol wtf

    • boystan


  • boystan


  • “It’s not just like a kid who’s, you know screwing around”
    Someone please tell that hoe that’s exactly what Justin is doing. Too much Scooter can ruin your judgment.

  • fact

    Ariana is ignorant.

  • Ninjya

    is she doing a dick with her hand?

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    for once she makes sense

  • um

    does anyone else think they look like brother and sister omg

  • idk

    don’t they have the same manger? she probably has to say this…