Bieber Drag Race Video + Pays For Dad

VIDEO of Justin Bieber drag racing in his yellow Lamborghini with his entourage which led to his DUI arrest. Justin has been financially supporting his 38-year-old father, Jeremy Bieber.

Source told Radar Online: ‘[Jeremy] was absent for most of Justin’s childhood, and has only been a presence his life in the past several years after the singer catapulted to super stardom. Jeremy loves the lifestyle his son leads, private jets, exotic cars and over the top vacations.

Justin had been financially supporting Jeremy for several years. Jeremy treats Justin as a friend, a peer, instead of as his son, they’re buddies. It’s absolutely no secret that Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, and Jeremy don’t get along.

Scooter has been the father figure in Justin’s life, and then all of a sudden, Jeremy pops back on the scene.. look at all the chaos in Justin’s life. Scooter is the voice of reason, and tells him stuff Justin doesn’t want to hear, and Jeremy is the opposite.’

Family friend Cory Bernier told The Mirror that Jeremy has been behaving like ‘a stereotypical bad ass’, which has negatively influenced Justin: ‘Justin has a very good heart but his judgment is being clouded by drugs and alcohol and a lot of it is to impress his dad.

He walks around without a shirt on but that’s just ego, and that’s his dad’s ego too. My message to Justin would be, ‘Slow down and get help – you have your whole life ahead of you’.

NOTE: TMZ said Bieber wasn’t drag racing, he was racing under the speed limit.

  • FuckHarry

    This kid need a parent not another friend/enabler. I kind of hate when parents try to be cool and be friends with their children and party & drink with them like no stop and parent your damn kid.

  • Dash

    I said it once and I’ll say it again. Justin Bieber is not a depressed mess. The media didn’t ‘break’ him. He’s a spoiled, rich, bratty, asshole punk who thinks that he can do anything without having to suffer the consequences. So enough with the pity party. The only thing I feel bad about is that he doesn’t have a good father figure in his life and his dad basically only decided to show up and be his “father” when he started to get rich and famous. A lot of celebrities parents more specifically fathers do this. for example Lindsay Lohan’s dad was always going to the media to sell stories about Lindsay, her mom and the rest of the family. Even Demi Lovato’s dad at one point before he passed away was talking to the media. that’s the only thing I feel bad for other than that he needs to start growing up and taking responsibility for his actions.

    • Really?

      Um YES media did break him. Are you fucking stupid or what? He was just fine before, but he broke under pressure and personal problems mixed with depression. What an asshole you are, you think you know everything about him ? You don’t. Stop acting like you do. Media and entire world trolling him since he was 15 did have a HUGE rule in his break down. You think it’s easy being in his shoes? get a fucking reality check. he messed up many times and he will eventually grow up and realize his shit, but stop acting like you know how he actually feels

      • .

        What broke him was not having a family structure in his life. his mom became a friend and so did his dad.

    • selucheeselena

      I agree with you……………I always say that it’s that idiot’s fault because pattie was always with her son even before he became famous thnaks to her he has millions…….Jermey says he knows how to control his kids and yea right look at what happened to jb?! what’s next Justin is a bad influence on his brother and sister Jaxon and Jazmyn!!!!!!!!!!! Jermey needs to get away from jb or teach him to be a better person, a better man!!!!!!!! either that or he stays AWAY from JB FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who agrees?????

  • laura

    UGHHH! Nothing wrong with being close with your children BUT YOU’RE NOT THEIR FUCKING FRIEND!
    You are not supposed to be ‘the cool parent’, you’re supposed to be the responsible parent.
    People like that shouldn’t even be allowed to have children, they’re only ruining their lives.

  • Cici

    I mean it is kinda obvious. No surprise here. What a POS & that man has 2 younger kids back home to “father”. I would be kinda stressed out if I were supporting my useless father.

  • cerenagee

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being close to your child. But there is a fine line between parenting and being too friendly. Justin desperately neeeeds an authority figure in his life.

    Why would Justin be so dumb as to race in such a public place like that? Somebody could easily just walk across the street or something like that was so dumb

  • Selucheeselena


    • cerenagee

      Righttttt. Pattie is such a great parent and that’s why Justin is the way he is.

  • boystan

    drag race lol