Blanda Eggenschwiler Ashley Greene Out

Exclusive... Ashley Greene, Cara Santana and Blanda Eggenschwiler Have A Blast At Color Me MineRising OU star Blanda Eggenschwiler went Color Me Mine in Beverly Hills, California with Joe Jonas’ ex-girlfriend Ashley Greene and Cara Santana on January 25, 2014. What do YOU think they talked about? FameFlynet.

Blandie looks flawless!


  • Ray

    Ugh this is so fake it’s gross. They obvs called paparazzi to get these pics of them together…

    • Q

      wlii you stop with called the paparazzi thing because is not true like blanda and ashley know the paparazzis please

      • TJ

        And you would know this, how?

      • anon

        Blanda’s manager works in celebrity relationship pr. I don’t see why Blanda needs a “manager” anyway when she has no job. So they call the paps. This website is where two separate sets of Janda candids came from.

        • Q

          Haha please don’t talk shit about blanda because is not true dont made this shit because is only in your mind so shut up

        • soft ghetto

          that only seems to be for hooking up celebs with your clothing, I don’t see anything about fake relationships on that site.

    • Anon

      This. It’s funny how someone who’s not even famous gets photographed daily and someone famous like Miley Cyrus doesn’t

      • burnin’ up for nick

        i don’t think paparrazi are there for blanda, they’re there for ashley

  • Commonsense


  • FuckHarry

    Why is she trying to be friends with joes ex’s whos next Camilla Belle?

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      I was just about to comment the same thing. It’s very weird of her to me.

      • FuckHarry

        Yeah it is weird she is probably trying to get dirt on him from her & Demi.

      • soft ghetto

        why is it weird? she’s only “hung out” with demi and ashley and they both have mutual friends with her. what do you expect her to do? say ew bye at all of joe’s exes she encounters?

        • Marina And My Diamonds


          • soft ghetto


    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Blanda has to keep them in check so they know she is the queen bitch haha

    • Duckyhoward15

      i think she hang with camilla belle before

    • anon

      I can imagine she’s trying to stir more drama. She wasn’t seen with Camilla, though. They did happen to be in the same place once.


      hopefully! :)

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Hahaha it looks like Blanda’s about to knock Ashley over the head with the plate and the face she’s making doesn’t help.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes



      <3 u

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        <3 u too!



  • James25

    There’s a lot of weirdness in the Joe Jonas world. First, he goes on tours and does projects with a girl he dumped, Demi. And he’s best friends with Demi’s new boyfriend Wilmer. And Joe’s ex girlfriend Ashley is out shopping with his current girlfriend Blanda. It’s just so bizarre.

    • Lara

      It’s called being a mature friendly guy….. Most do these bitches fucked him over anyways and he got fuckin blamed for all of their shit especially Demi and he’s STILL mature about it

      • Anon

        He deserved it for being such a pussy dumping one girl over the phone and another he made his dad do it.

        • LaraLara

          Lollll a girl over the phone?! Oh you mean that bitch who can’t keep up a relationship oh ok an the other oh you mean the obvious fucked up then girl who was a crack head?! Yeah sure he deserves it! Fuck off

      • anon

        Being friends with your boyfriend’s ex’s is a BIG no. Especially when Ashley admitted to using Joe and Blanda is NOW hanging out with her.

      • bridget

        Joe’s fans are so fucking delusional it’s funny. Please explained to me how exactly Demi fucked him over. She NEVER once blamed him for her breakdown, in fact she said multiple times that a guy could not be responsible for what happened to her and that it was a long time coming, and she;s only ever said nice things about him since rehab and has been defending this guy to the media when he’s been in trouble as of late. If you think it’s “mature” to write a tell-all telling the world that he never actually wanted to be with her but stayed with her out of pity and to protect his brand and then tried to brush off accusations against him that he uses drugs by blaiming it on Demi and Miley , you must set a very low bar for that standard.

    • Jen

      Don’t forget how Demi and Taylor hang out too

    • Uio

      No joe jonas is not her best friend please don’t be ridiculous with your comments

  • Anon

    Lol y’all are pathetic… It’s called being CIVIL, FRIENDLY believe it or not that could fuckin happen if both of you are in your late twenties and not 13 or 14 build a fuckin bridge and get the fuck over it

    • Anon

      Stop with the 14 and year old comments, I’m sure no 13 year old likes the Jonas Brothers anymore. Their fans are in their 20s like the guys and the teens like 1D. And by fans I mean 20 year old Nick fans because Joe and Kevin don’t even have any fans anymore

      • Tina

        Lol actually nick is as useless as kevinnow with his washed up self and his thirsty attention seeking ass lets not and lol Kevin and the propaganda with his baby the only one who’s good enough to be something big is joe lets not Hun

  • boystan


  • Yeahjajanama

    What the fu*k seriously? I’m sorry it might just be me, but I wouldn’t hang with my Bf ex. If they were friends before joe and Blanda dated whatever, but I doubt these two knew each other before joe. Like seriously what the bleep.

  • Emmatome

    This is kinda weird. But, hey, they can talk/be friends if they want. If it doesn’t bother Joe, it shouldn’t bother us.

  • Anons are fucktards

    You obviously need a life lol

    • anon

      lol @ you calling yourself a fucktard

  • Cici

    I’m sure they have a lot to bond over & talk about :)

  • India007

    Ohh for fuck’s sake, stop with the hate on Blanda, any of the Jonas Brothers and Demi…….. First of all Blanda hanging out with Ashley is fine… i know so many people who are still friends with their ex’s and it is all cool.. Just because they are famous doesn’t change anything…It is actually good that there isn’t any bad blood between these two and everyone is being an adult about they’re previous relationships… and it also says a lot about Joe being mature about his exs… And in regards to Demi and wilmer gong out with Joe and Blanda… Demi and Joe have grown up together and have repeatedly told that there isn’t any issue amongst them and are very close and Joe and Wilmer met at some party or something in Vegas became good friends and went on double dates after that… their friend circles can also be mutual and also if it was happening to a friend of ours we wouldn’t make a big deal out of this.. let’s face it… They are mature adults who know what they are doing….and also i applaud Blanda on staying with joe even through the hate and bullshit this fandom put her through … I wouldn’t be able to deal with it… and none of you would too…. And also to the haters on the Jonas Brothers … there is no need to hate people who are doing well in life just because you are not,…. they may not be as relevant as they were before but they still have an impact and clout in this industry….. So stop with the discrimination in brothers and hating in general :)

  • Jen

    Its so fucking bizarre to me how camilla wilmer blanda and ashley have all dated joe or demi yet they all hang out with each other

    • id

      that’s probably because you’re not in your 20’s yet . It’s “bizzare” for teenagers to not be civil around exes and can’t even walk the same road an ex is walking in . Being bitter about exes is only in movies believe me .And writing songs about an ex and crying and throwing a fit on stage is only promoted by dumb girls

      • cerenagee

        Not true. I’m 21 and would be beyond pissed if my ex was friends with one of his ex loves. Small irrelevant date whatever but not a full blown I love you relationship.

    • cerenagee

      Demi and Joe I understand because Joe said he didn’t feel that way about her he felt like he had to protect her

  • cerenagee

    Why are Joe’s exes so set on being bifflez?

    • Gina

      Maybe because he’s such a beautiful person that people actually can’t get the fuck over him… I mean what other reason? He doesn’t MAKE you his friend he’s just that mature and honest

      • cerenagee

        Personally, I would never let my bf be friends with his exes unless it was a demi type of situation. But hell no. It two of his loves like Camille and Ashley. Espesh if he possibly lost his virginity to one. No.

      • burnin’ up for nick

        thank you for saying that!

  • go queen blanda

    blanda posted a picture of the pottery work and tagged a bunch of people including ashley.
    a girl left a comment that said : “ok so you both had sex with him but yet still you’re friends ? that’s normal ”

    blanda replied : “ that is actually perfectly socially acceptable.Believe it or not ”

    enough said :)
    oh and cara santana knows ashley and knows blanda, that’s why they’re together

    • Y

      I’m well into my 20’s and I would personally feel a little uncomfortable around my boyfriend’s ex. As a human I think that’s a completely normal feeling. So Blanda shouldn’t speak for everyone just because she thinks she’s so ~mature~. If she was so mature she wouldn’t have instagramed a picture and tagged Ashley. She knew it would cause drama. God forbid she does something and doesn’t Instagram it.

      • Anon

        If you’re in your twenties the fuck are you doing on oceanup? Honey your arguments is invalid that proves you have no life

        • threelittlebirds

          i wasn’t aware there was an age limit on here.

        • Cici

          I’m confused. Where does say nobody in their 20’s?

        • laura

          If you want an age limit, then I think we should also start eliminating people based on their intelligence. And trust me, you’d be the first to go.

          • Cici

            Right. I honestly think people under like 16 shouldn’t come on here. If we are going to put age restrictions. I have been coming to this website since I was 16 though.

          • burnin’ up for nick

            i’m a 15 year old jonas brothers fan, most of the jonas brothers fans are 20+ now, so if i’m still gonna be a 20 year old jobros fan where would i go? and if jobros fans are 20 then why would oceanup post things bout them?

        • XaskTaylorX

          People have been on here since the start of oceanup. For example, I came on when I was 13-14 and still am on it today.

        • Anon

          Most people here are in their late teens and 20s. They are the same age the jonas, demi, Miley and Selena. They’ve been here since 2008

          • Q

            No jonas brothers are older then Demi Miley and Selena those three girls have the same age

          • uytuih

            nick is younger than selena and demi by months though

          • Q

            yeah i know and i was talking about ages not months nick has the same age as demi miley selena but kevin and joe jonas are older then them sweetie

        • KK

          Sorry but why jonas brothers or others celebrities are in this site? Because the they are adults you know they are not suppose to be here

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          I’ve been here since I was 17 I don’t remember OU making a post about age limit. And most of the post OU make are about people we grew up watching. Jonas Brothers are all in their 20’s, Demi is in her 20’s, Miley is in her 20’s, Selena is in her 20’s etc etc.

      • smh

        where was blanda even speaking for everyone ? she was talking about her , ashley and joe’s case saying that some people deem it okay and it’s a socially acceptable thing for a group of people .They just happen to be among those people.She never said “EVERY ADULT IS FRIENDS WITH THEIR BOYFRIENDS/GIRLFRIEND’S EXES YA DUMB IMMATURE CUNT” no .She also instagrams anyone, old friends , new ones , everyone. Why should ashley be an exception ? Her and joe broke up with no hard feelings anyway.

        “She knew it would cause drama” yeah because her life revolves around not upsetting joe’s immature little twats of fans

        • ty

          shut up you dont know what are you talking about stop made shit please

        • burnin’ up for nick

          what do you mean they broke up with no hard feelings? didn’t you read joe’s tell all artical when he said that ashley was his first serious girl firend, lost his virginity to her, said that he stayed single for two years after her! he dated here and there but never got into a comitted relationship…no doubt ‘see no more’ is about ashley

          • c

            I agree with you. Besides, Ashley was who dumped him. JUST IN LOVE and SEE NO MORE are songs 100% about Ashley

    • anon

      Yeah and I bet Joe still feels uncomfortable about it. She had no right to make a comment about their sex life when that should remain private.

      • kels

        seriously I cringed so hard at the fact that she REPLIED to someone that said “you both had sex with him”.It’s like she’s saying : “yes we both had sex with him”. He tries as much as he can to hint at it not flat out say it like that .Maybe he’s younger than her that’s why but he’s known for not discussing his private life like that and only says :”it’s personal life stuff and ‘m happy” in interviews .What does he think of it now ?

        • soft ghetto

          Joe told the world that he used to fuck a girl in the backseat of her car so do you really think that he would be bothered by blanda’s vague comment confirming they have sex? lmaoooo

          • burnin’ up for nick

            he said that?

          • soft ghetto

            In his article he said he used to sneak out to hook up with a girl in her car.

          • burnin’ up for nick

            Yeah but not fuck her

          • soft ghetto

            what’s the difference? hook up, fuck, sex, and screw have the same meaning. sorry I didn’t quote the article exactly for you and use citations bc I thought most people knew but I guess not.

      • burnin’ up for nick

        me and a girl on twitter had an argument that goes like this, i first tweeted “blanda admit to the worl that she and joe had sex would someone please explain how she’s not a famewhore for doing that”

        the girl answerd like this “thats whats suposed to happen in a real relationship but i wouldn’t expect you to understand…”

        i tweeted back saying “a sex life is suposed to remain private why is she so thirsty?”

        she tweeted back “seriously? did you think that they still haven’t had sex yet, they’re adults they have sex get over it!”

        i tweeted back saying “i know they’ve done it before but don’t give her the right to be like “omg did you hear? i got fuckede by a jonas brother it’s so hot!”

        she tweeted back saying ” did she say that, no point arguing with you my IQ levels drop fast.”

        i tweeted back saying “is that sarcasm i detect?”

        she never tweeted back…who’s side are you on?

  • anon

    Blanda’s manager works in celebrity relationship PR. So yes, they call the paps. This website is where two separate set of Janda candids came from.

  • XaskTaylorX




    • marie

      At least Ashley is still pretty. Blanda is fugly. she looks like a man (her face is like Steven Tyler)

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