Demi, ‘Selena Is Doing Well Right Now!’

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato hug eachother and say goodbye after dining at Craig's restaurant in Los Angelesrudder

rudderrrDemi Lovato told Ryan Seacrest about Selena Gomez, but won’t discuss what she said about Bieber: ‘We’re really, really close. And, any advice I had for her, we talked last night and, you know, it’s between us. But I love her so much.’

We have an incredible friendship. Selena is strong! She’s doing really well right now! She’s doing really well right now and I’m really happy for her‘. On her upcoming tour: ‘I really would like to change cover songs every city if possible.

I have special guests who will be touring with me at some points and it’s going to be really exciting. I’ve never put on a show like this before and I’m shooting video content tomorrow that I helped direct that’s going to be playing during the concert, kind of like Beyoncé’s album where she did music videos for each song, it’s kind of like that so I’m really excited.’

RUDDERLESS REVIEWS: Variety said Selena Gomez was ‘underwhelming’. IndieWire: And yes, you Selenators, Selena Gomez does have a pivotal role in the film and is great, showing plenty of potential for becoming a leading lady one day.


  • cerenagee

    Yesss. Love them both so much. Can’t wait to see rudderless.

  • laura

    can I just raid their closets, please?
    And Demi better comes performing in Belgium as well one day, I’d love to see her perform.

    • cerenagee

      I know! Their outfits are so cute. But we all know my stance on leather – not into it.

      • laura

        True, they really now how to combine it :)
        Stupid question maybe, but what kind of shoes and purses do you buy then? Because plastic shoes aren’t exactly great quality :s

        • cerenagee

          As far as heels I have a couple that are kind of suede material….that sounds so ratchet but its like hard to explain. I also have faux leather heels and flats. My purses are faux leather and I have some cloth boho style purses. I really mainly only wear shoes when I go to work or when I go out and wear heels. Then I have my Nike collection and then I have 1 pair of flip flops that I usually wear with all of my casual outfits.

          • laura

            suede doesn’t sound ratchet at all haha
            when I’m in America I’ll try to look for some nice faux leather shoes then :)

          • cerenagee

            Theres actually a lot. There a lot of materials that look similar to leather but aren’t and theyre very affordable (:

          • laura

            If I try to look for it in Belgium, it just looks so cheap and ugly and you can tell they’ll be ruined in just a week. And I really need good support for my feet so I definitely can’t buy those. Can’t wait to go on a shoe hunt :)

  • anna

    demi annoys me more than any other celebrity. she gets away with so much shit she does just because she’s not super, super famous or a household name.

    • cerenagee

      Not true. In order to get away with shit you have to be caught for it. She wasn’t caught doing drugs or drinking all the time. She admitted it on her own and owned up to all her shit.

  • <3$

    still fat, and flops

    • cerenagee

      Wow totally not cool.

  • javi g

    i do hope that selena keeps doing good interesting indie films. demi looks like she’s living in the 80’s. i do hope to see her tour. but i do hope she leaves hollywood records and join a real music company like sony or universal.

    • Ricardo

      Hollywood Records it’s a part of Disney Music Group that’s a subdivision of Universal Music Group.. so she’s on Universal..

      But yeah, I know what you meant to say LOL I think they should sign up with Capitol Records, Interscope or RCA

  • FuckHarry

    I love their bags, omg but they might be leather and that isn’t my thing :/

  • anonymous

    wilmer’s hoe

    i said this was thirsty promo

  • johnny

    Selena is only in three scenes of the movie. One is her singing with the band. So really only two acting scenes. Its a bit of a stretch to say she’ll be a good leading lady.

  • Dash

    it’s so annoying that everything has to be about Justin some how. Justin Bieber is not a depressed mess. The media didn’t ‘break’ him. He’s a spoiled, rich, bratty, asshole punk who thinks that he can do anything without having to suffer the consequences. So enough with the pity party.

  • boystan

    aw i’m glad she’s okay

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    its good that selena is doing well but i feel like demi shouldnt have to even mention her personal life to anyone ( granted she probably was asked ,but still)