Justin Bieber Flees America For Panama

justin-bieber-panama (11)Lindsay Lohan Jr. Justin Bieber fled his deplorable legal troubles in America and flown to Panama. Many Americans are hoping Bieber stays there indefinitely, but eventually he will have to return to American to face the consequences of his illegal actions.

UPDATED w/ shirtless Bieber wakeboarding with Pattie Malette. Vids under!

  • Cici

    I wish he would put his butt back in his shorts.

  • cerenagee

    Of course he fled reality.

  • Dash

    The arrest didn’t phase him at all he took it as a joke, and now he’s in panama rubbing some girls back? The little respect I had left is now gone. He’s not remorseful of anything and thinks that he can get away from the law. Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you’re above the justice system. He needs to stop and start taking life seriously instead of acting like a douche and thinking that it’s his world. The people behind him haven’t done a good job with his up bringing they just keep looking at their pay checks and ignoring it but now it needs to be addressed. No respect for this prick

    • What the actual

      What the fuck..You’re really overreacting, he simply flew to somewhere to chill what the fuck is wrong with that? I am not excusing his DUI arrest he is idiot for that but chill the fuck off, no respect for going on a fucking vacation? What the hell is he supposed to do , kill himself cause he got arrested ? how the fuck YOU know is he aware of his mistakes? You talked to him? Stop assuming shit and judging over literally nothing this dude, damn y’all messed up. Laughing my ass of at your butthurt comments. Like he got arrested AGAIN not went on a beach LMAO

      • Dash

        No you’re taking my comment to another level that it wasn’t intended for. I’m just saying any other reasonable person would have at least shown remorse for their actions, he could have seriously hurt someone drag racing on the street and even if sources say they blocked the road it was an unauthorized race and any average person could have been driving at the time. I’m just saying it’s his actions that have led up to all this and even after this, that show that he thinks that he is untouchable and above the law.

        • What the actual

          Again you’re still assuming you know how he actually feels and deals with this. Just because he went on some vacation or whatever doesn’t mean he’s running away from it. It doesn’t mean shit, he simply went for some beach and probably do get laid with this side hoe. You literally missed my point, what the hell are you expecting from him to do?? What , to cry and whine on his instagram ?? He will deal with it personally on his own way, and there’s nothing wrong there.

          • DashD

            This is exactly what a belieber acts like right here, in denial. I’m not saying you are a belieber or not I’m not saying that he has to cry about it either. I’m just saying it would be nice to see him act like a regular person and not so above everyone. Even in the court room video. He was looking around like “what a joke” and was smiling in his mug shot. Either way I’m not trying to argue with you over nothing. we can agree to disagree.

          • What the actual

            Well don’t insult me saying I’m a belieber :S that’s like ew. But what is he doing now then acting normal :O What the hell do you want from him again I ask you, to fucking cry and be all miserable? He just went away from it all to chill. What else is he supposed to do ,girl you’re acting so pressed over it like he actually did something wrong. And no I am not in denial neither am I condoning his bad behavior, he’s an asshole recently but there’s nothing wrong in going to Panama. Nothing. You’re really taking his mugshut serious? Actually in the court room he was just lost and high, it was obvious he had no idea what is going on.You’re really judgemental over the dude it’s scary.

          • Christina/Det.Sawyer

            He knows exactly what is going on and he doesn’t care. As proven the way he acted in his mug shot and as soon as he got out of jail sitting on cars acting like he’s king and comparing himself to MJ, then going out to party that night. Why would he have any remorse? He’s gotten away with his constant bad and illegal behavior for years now, this isn’t recent asshole behavior. I mean what kind of douche spits on his own fans and laughs about it. He won’t take this dui seriously because he hired the top lawyer so he’ll get a slap on the hand for it all. He’s been surrounded by to many “Yes” men. Mostly because he pays them, most like to party for free with him, his parents love the money and the partying, but now they all have lost control of him. Most people who go to a holding cell for a drugs and racing don’t go on vacation the next day. People that don’t give a shit and have money to throw around because their fans are morons and support his constant immature egotistical behavior.

  • cerenagee

    Absolutely does not want to deal with his problems. And this is why he keeps landing himself in the hot seat.

  • nolitaa

    oh so he’s just going to run away from his problems like a child and choose not to deal with them and fix it? ugh

  • What the actual..

    Seriously what the FUCK is wrong with y’all people? He is on his year off he will travel to wherever he wants. So because he got arrested he cannot move on with his life now? :o What the FUCK is wrong with you? How the fuck you know he didn’t learn shit from this? Did you talk to him? So just because he smiled in some pics and now is on a beach means he doesn’t care? Y’all need to stop caring so much what this dude does and blowing everything out of proportion just to talk shit, live it up and chill. He fucked up and is a douche , shit happens, but he has every right to move on from it. What do you want? He goes out and cry’s and throws himself on the ground for your forgiveness? Seriously.

    • Guest

      Even though I dislike him recently I agree, he won’t end his life now and never smile again. He should handle all his shit privately, he just went away from drama and went to chill, I would do the same if I had all that money. But he could chose a better girl though, she was arrested like 5 times smh. Let’s hope she’s a one night stand.

  • Username

    That caption is so immature and childish wondering do 12 year olds run this site. Stop, you’re not Perez Hilton, even he wasn’t ever funny at all.

  • anon

    Isn’t this chantel girl friends with Barbara palvin? Talk about girl code. Smh. And wasn’t she with lil twist? Sharing is caring I guess.

    • What the actual

      She’s just a side hoe , dude wants to get laid it ain’t nothing serious lol live it up I read she was arrested 5 times hahaha ”badass”

  • Guest

    I dislike his behavior and hope he wises up but damn I wish I could squeeze his ass lmao, his ass is almost big as hers

  • QUE

    I’m tired of this lesbians drama.

  • Aria

    What a nice life… get arrested then go and have fun on a beach. It’s ridiculous, it feels more like he thinks he’s so cool now that he’s been arrested. Money isn’t a problem for him, they should have done something else to make him makeup for his actions or else he’s just going to do it again because it’s not big deal because for some reason he’s allowed to get away with crimes that put people in danger.

  • okay
    • Cici

      This is sad, heart breaking, pathetic, and just insane all at the same time. It’s crazy how lost he got…I really do hope he gets help & stands up for himself against those shitty users that surround him

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Run Run Run, Bieber.

    Just fucking apologize already. Ugh!

  • boystan

    “Lindsay Lohan Jr.” HE WISHES

  • Take5

    Speaking of Lindsay isn’t she supposed to return to the acting world soon? I’m really happy for her I’ve missed her acting. Glad she’s doing well! Yeah.. Wonder why OceanUP hasn’t posted anything about it?

  • belieber4life&afterlife

    I find him so inspiring, like all I want to do now is get drunk and drive <3 I'll do it because he does it and sounds fun <3

  • like

    Can he take his pants already and show his dick, he’s dying to do that so come on nigga just do it

  • Cici

    I mean he is not there with any of his enablers, so maybe he is contemplating on his decisions.

  • Christina/Det.Sawyer

    He really does love having his pants down….which will be very helpful in prison…who am I kidding he’ll pay his way out of much deserved prison time….but one could wish that he’d one day pay the consequences of his constant many illegal actions and be put in real prison not baby jail by himself. He wants to pretend he’s so gangster all the time but he has his team do all the fighting and dirty work for him, let him see what real prison is like…except he enjoys the company of men so he’d probably love it there.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    if he goes to jail he better learn to pull his pants up…

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    yeah go on a vacation after your dui, you earned it

  • Gladly

    No one here knows what’s going through his head – if he’s remorseful or not, if he even cares at all – all we have are pictures of him vacationing and enjoying some days by the beach. There is nothing wrong with this, specially since Usher and Scooter are down there too (seen the pictures) to supposedly talk some sense to him.

    Honestly, as long as he’s not with Lil Za, Twist, and whatever their stupid names are, I feel relieved, since Justin really started changing when they moved into his house and part of his entourage.


    Following link provides insight to his downward spiral. Heartbreaking. Praying for you Biebs.