Justin Bieber ‘Thank u lord’

justin-bieber-lordelordRough looking Justin Bieber thanks Lorde Jesus via INSTAGRAM for keeping him from harm. How many more changes does he have before her seriously injures himself or someone else?

  • Cici

    Ignorance is bliss I guess.

  • cerenagee

    He looks so beat.

  • boystan


  • -.-

    & The Lord is embarrassed…

  • Clauber


  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    no thank your money and fame.

  • wda
  • Godney

    Am i suppost to feel sorry for him with this picture?
    Bitch thank the lord nobody got hurt.
    Dont thank the lord for being able to pay your way out.

    Instead of sayin “this situation is making me realise my bad actions and that i could had hurt somebody…etc etc”, no, he is making himself the victim -.-