Noah Lindsey Cyrus reveals how she broke her arm.

  • Dara

    I’m not trying to be mean, but god she is so annoying. Maybe it’s because she was talking so loud the whole time, I don’t know.
    Although now I remember why I can’t be in the same room with a 14 year old girl for more than ten minutes anymore. (I should know my sister just turned 14 and she’s pretty damn annoying lol)

    • laura

      once they get 15, it gets better. still not exactly pleasant, but better.

  • so fucking done

    this girl is so motherfucking aggravating to watch
    shes so irritating. no wonder shes not famous. i will never get her stupid little voice out of my head

    • :)

      Then why did you watch?

  • Cici

    She talks like a high pitched Miley. But all kids are annoying. I wouldn’t single her out. She’s cute though

    • cerenagee

      Haha literally almost exactly what I said.

  • cerenagee

    This video was annoying in a kinda cute way. Its cute cuz its like ha I remember being an annoying little thing too. And its annoying because she’s just at that age where its cool to be obnoxiously loud. Idk.

  • cerenagee

    Her mannerisms are kind of like miley

  • Emmatome

    Why is she speaking so loud?
    “Let me just tell you that” she sounded just like Miley.

  • :)

    I hope she don’t need surgery. Plate & screws are no fun at all.

  • boystan