• D

    What has she done to her lips?!

    • cerenagee

      I think its just the stupid facial she’s doing that makes them look horrendous

  • cerenagee

    I reaaally hate when girls do dreads in an attempt to look cute. She has stunning eyes I’m so jealous but why are they so red? And literally wtf is she doing with her lips? Not cute

  • lolumadhuh

    when will white people stop trying to do dreadlocks? ew.

    • cerenagee

      Lol some can pull it off. But really she can not.

  • Guest28

    Perrie Edwards is so pretty, I’m so jealous of her but I really hate dreads. WHY?!?! Did she do that!?!?

  • http://lovinq-you.tumblr.com/ FuckHarry

    Wow her eyes are so pretty, and I love her brows.

  • m

    ugly af

  • threelittlebirds

    Dreads are nasty. Certain white people can pull them off, but to me only Rastas should wear them.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      mostly guys pull them off better than girls. especially when they have dark hair and amazing eyes

  • Emmatome

    Her eyes are sooooo pretty. But her face in here, her lips… Just no.

  • anon

    She is a first class idiot. She thinks she is being cool but she actually looks stupid. She is just ugly all the way around

  • boystan

    omg she’s so pretty

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    she always looks gorg to me

  • Bailey

    she got lip injections.

    • m

      I think it’s he picture that makes her lips weird. I know though that she put lipstick/lip pencil outside the outline of the lips to make them look fuller which I don’t think look too good but I’m pretty sure she didn’t get injections