Stalker Arrested Outside Selena’s Home

Semi-Exclusive... A Shy Selena Gomez Checks Out An Open HouseA 19 year old man was arrested for trespassing outside of Selena Gomez‘s house on Saturday morning, reports TMZ. A family member called 911 and said they spotted him lurking. The man told cops that he was there to see Selena in person.

  • A Cat

    That’s what scares me most about fame – there are so many creepy, vile people in the world who will literally take advantage of the information available on the internet and figure out where you live.

    I’m glad she’s okay and the police got there before anything serious happened.

  • okay
    • honesty

      This really got me down. I knew Za and Twist weren’t good influences the minute they started hanging. I pray Justin cuts these snakes out of his circle. Soon.

    • cerenagee

      That’s sad. I do find it suspicious that she’s speaking out in the midst of all this insanity but I can only give her the benefit of the doubt and believe she’s doing it out of concern like she said. Although, Idk how airing out his dirty laundry to the press is showing concern. I do believe what she’s saying though. #justingotorehab

      • Cici

        I believe it sooo much, but we all know she just made a nice check after talking out about his home life.

        • cerenagee


    • javi g

      you don’t have to read it or listening to any one. its natural that a hollywood actor or a singer specially pop singers die from an overdose or prescription drugs. mj died because his doctor never said no to him doctors get payed by celebs big money to find strong drugs for them to get high. i fear that justin takes his car drugged out of his mind and kills someone or himself.

  • javi g

    i blame the people who made those fucking star maps and the stupid tmz tour bus. also she should carry a gun just in case any idiot even gets close. and that idiot didn’t think selena lives with her parents and her little sister.also how stupid people can be. those idiots on the tmz comments making fun of the situation. making jokes that bieber send him.

  • cerenagee

    Omg that’s literally so fucking creepy. I would be so beyond weirded out. Jesus what is wrong with people like eww.

  • Boo

    are you sure it wasn’t justin…

  • boystan

    was it justin

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    if i was selena i’d become a hermit, people can be really creepy

  • Rosemary

    Scary. The craziness that comes with that job is not worth it.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    how did he even find her address? seriously this is so scary .this is one of the many reasons paparazzi should be outlawed

  • Emmatome

    I would have been so scared. Being famous seems pretty scary. Fans screaming or fainting whenever they see you, people you’ve never seen telling you that they love you. Although, even if that’s crazy, I guess that’s the good part. People supporting you, making you feel special. That’s pretty cool.
    But then you’ve got the paparazzi, the stalkers, the haters, your every move on the cover of magazines… I really wouldn’t wanna be famous.

  • anonymous
  • heather

    It’s weird cause teen girls do this to celebs (like harry styles, Taylor swift, etc.) but when it’s a teen guy it’s an arrest. No one should intrude on a celebs house. It’s the only place they can actually be alone