Justin Bieber STEROIDS?

justin-bieber-steroidsJustin Bieber has reportedly become increasingly dependent on steroids, using Clenbuterol, a diet drug which is most commonly used on the horses, reports The Sun: ‘As well as drinking and smoking weed, Justin’s been taking steroids to give himself a six pack.

His physique had gone from boy-like to muscled in a very short time and his mood have become wildly erratic.’ Bieber is currently staying at Nitro City in Panama with his new model sex servant Chantel Jeffries.


  • Zaina777

    As long as he looks hot right guys?

    This kid is a trainwreck. What is wrong with growing up at your own pace.

  • boystan

    why hadn’t i thought of that

  • cerenagee

    Yeah right bullshit.

  • yalll8

    Duh I’ve always thought that… there’s no way to be built while taking drugs.