Liam Payne Sister ‘Give Sophia A Chance’

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Liam Payne’s sister Ruth Payne defended Liam’s new love Sophia Smith by tweeting, ‘He’s currently with a girl called Sophia. She’s lovely. Maybe people should give her a chance.‘ This support for Sophia was brought up when Liam Payne’s sister Ruth posting some cute pictures of his dog Loki, who the One Direction star got with his ex-girlfriend Danielle Peazer & ended with a whole lot of drama. Danielle Peazer responded with a simple ‘no,’ in regard to whether or not she has been able to see Loki since her breakup with Liam.

After seeing her tweet, Ruth responded, making sure Danielle knew she could see the pup anytime she wanted, “You can organise to see loki anytime , just let me know” Immediately after, fans started saying mean things to her, Ruth got mad, tweeting, “[Angry] once again with Twitter, been told i have no heart because I help look after my brother’s dog. No one is banned from seeing anyone.” When a fan account asked her why Danielle didn’t get to keep the dog, she said, “Why? Liam bought the dog when he was single. He then got back with [Danielle] and now they’re not. Makes everything awk.”

Of course it couldn’t stop there. Fans then wanted to know why Liam and Danielle couldn’t just get back together. Since things have been doing great with his new girlfriend Sophia Smith, she defended his new love, tweeting, “Because he’s currently with a girl called Sophia. She’s lovely. Maybe people should give her a chance.”


  • Rainbow3000

    Why do fans care so much which girl is dating Liam? Personally I think Sophia is better since she don’t go around having twitter and makes herself a cheap publicity like Danielle.

  • FuckHarry

    I like Sofia she is pretty and isn’t seeking out attention from this. Her twitter is private or she might not have one and some fans have said that she is really sweet & she is just a regular girl. I don’t get the hate.

  • Ronnie

    Danielle wants fame, while Sophia doesn’t. Why do fans force Liam with a girl who loves his fame more than him?

  • Emmy

    here’s a suggestion – stop talking to the press about the relationship. 1D fans are way too obsessive, it’s disturbing. I stopped listening after Up All Night.

  • BangBang

    It’s never good enough for some of their hardcore fans. If she would show love for him she would be called a famewhore, if she didn’t some of them would say that she doesn’t love him as much…

  • boystan

    i think she’s very pretty and looks happy
    2 bad he’s mine