Taylor Swift All Too Well Grammys ’14

Taylor Swift performs ‘All To Well’ at Grammy Awards 2014.

She got a standing ovation!



  • Jen

    Damn I hope her neck is okay

  • threelittlebirds


  • chloe


  • s


    • uhfuihu

      sorry shes actually singing a lyrical piece of art instead of booty popping

      • s

        and she didn’t win LOL

        • javi g

          she already have grammy’s looser. maybe not tonight but she already have them.

          • s

            I know, but PLEASE. She HAD to lose, her album is not country at all, they announce “best country album” and suddenly that electro balad of her starts playing, wtf, thank God she didn’t win this time, she only wins cause she’s America’s sweetheart.

          • listenhere

            are you an idiot or? when she lost she said ‘i told you’ to ed, she knew she was gonna lose, “she only wins cause shes americas sweetheart” yeah she won big time today and also, that doesn’t determine her music god u r so dumb

  • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

    My faaaaavorite song of Red, and she did amazing.

  • lolumadhuh

    my fav song on that album tbh..

  • boystan


  • jinx

    I have nothing against her at all, but in the end of the performance (it doesn’t show in this video, it was cut) she’s looking at the crowd with such an arrogant face, idk.

    • bhjnk

      she was emotional…that song makes ME cry and i never went through the same emotions so i wonder how she didnt cry omg

    • Dara

      I don’t think it was arrogance. Maybe she was just proud of her performance. I think she was amazing and it was a beautiful song

    • Swifties 4 TayTay

      i think people don’t realize how much she rehearses for these performances. She likes to see the audiences reaction to her performance/thoughts after all the hard work she puts into it. Other times she tries to convey the feelings/emotions of the song. Like when she performed trouble at the Brits afterwards in the interview she said she wanted to show everything she felt when she wrote the song while she was performing.

  • boystan

    i love her so much

  • cerenagee

    Wow. Fucking beautiful. I don’t even think she realizes she’s going to be a legend one day.

  • yoyo

    lmao at how she was dancing, she looks like an earthworm lmao


  • Dara

    Yay! This is my favorite song off of Red (besides The Lucky One) She looked beautiful and I loved her performance. I love you Taylor :)

  • javi g

    did she had an orgasm? lol her performance was amazing but it looked like she had an orgasm.

  • No

    Ed Sheeran, Yoko and Sean Lennon? OMG

    • Cici

      Right. Paul McCartney gave me life

  • Cici

    She was flawless. So beautiful.

  • ISeeSparksFly

    Good performance! One of my favorite songs off Red besides I Almost Do.

  • HolyGround

    This was seriously one of the best performances she’s ever done. And her actually having written it herself makes it 20x better. Love this song and her so much.

  • roxanneXD

    omg my ears.

    who are so deaf as to say that she sings?

    she has no voice and their live performances are horrible

    • cerenagee

      You obviously don’t know what an amazing voice sounds like if you dare insult Taylors.

  • liz

    the song isn’t bad but the melody is almost identical to Teardrops on My Guitar. i don’t think she even realized it. she needs to stop coming up with the same kinds of songs over and over, and the same topic over and over (failed relationships)

    • Anna

      Well you must know nothing about music if you think All to Well is IDENTICAL to Tear Drops on my Guitar. Newsflash….it isn’t. And oh please what else is a single 24 year old going to write about? It is her life at the moment and writing is her way of dealing with a break up. Plus she has a hell of a lot of love songs too, she doesn’t just sing break up songs. And not everyone has it easy with relationships, so you should lay off her on the failed relationship thing. She hasn’t met the one yet, she is still young though and has plenty of time to do so. I don’t get why people get on her about her relationships either, pretty sure most everyone on the planet has at LEAST as many failed relationships as her. Lay off and get a life.

  • Silver

    I am so in love with Taylor…

  • iWizard

    That whole hair flipping thing was weird. Don’t deny it – it was weird.

    • honestly

      Not to fans, I’ve seen her in concert and I’ve watched concert videos and she does that a lot, she’s been doing this since 2009 so anyone who thought it was weird was only hating or didn’t know her before

  • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • Respect

    She honestly is so amazing to her fans. The fact that she performed this even though many people don’t know it and plus it’s such a personal and vulnerable song just because her fans really wanted her to perform it just shows the kind of person she is. I mean she could have chosen one of her famous singles but she chooses to play what her fans want. So much respect for her.

  • Emmatome

    This song is perfect. She was stunning. But she’s stressing me out. Like, why did she do this thing with her hair that many time? It must hurt.