Taylor Swift & Lorde ‘Cleanup Grammys’

taylor-swift-lorde-grammys-cleanuptaylor-lorde-2Taylor Swift Tweeted pic with Lorde: And you know..

We’re on each other’s team. #LORDE #CLEANINGUP #GRAMMYs



    is taylor shading pot smoker selena?

  • Duckyhoward15

    Ofcourse you will since she is on top and not selena cos Justin dumped her

  • roxanneXD

    Taylor lost in all nominations.

    I am now beginning to believe that the Grammys are unplanned and are considering the true talent, voice and music.

    • Duckyhoward15

      Well she performed

      • roxanneXD

        maybe it’s the consolation award

        • Duckyhoward15

          Could be

    • mhm

      The other nominees nominated with her were better anyway PLUS at least she already has Grammy awards anyway

    • what

      beyonce didn’t win
      ed didn’t win
      so, no they’re not lol

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        Beyonces album came out to late to be nominated

  • lols

    Maybe Taylor is jealous of Demi and Selena reconnecting so she’s trying to become besties with Lorde? (who Selena hates btw) lol

    • Duckyhoward15

      Exactly since we all know Demi hated Taylor



    • Duckyhoward15

      Being famous is something and being talented is something else and this goes to even my fav band , red didn’t deserve a grammy cos it didn’t get it

      • k

        i feel like taylor didnt submit the best work, begin again wasnt that good but i cant believe she lost album of the year, considering it has the lucky one, all too well and treacherous on it. aka lyrical master pieces

        • Duckyhoward15

          I agree she had really amazing songs on it but I guess Grammy’s just wanted a change this year I mean Ed Sheeran didn’t win

          and we all know he is one of the best song writers out there right ? as long as her fans are by her side awards are nothing

          • really

            i felt so bad for the girl, did you see her reaction when they almost said ‘rrrred’ (which actually was ‘reeeeendom’ that was sad

          • kokonutsk

            Felt bad for her? She already has 7 fucking Grammys, why would you feel bad about her? There are also other people that deserve a Grammy too, Taylor Swift is not the center of the world.

          • Duckyhoward15

            I think tbh they did it for the laughs like they wanted to make her a joke or make fun of her and it broke my heart but I respect that she stood up and clapped


      the band who won sux too

      • oceanupsucks

        FUCK YOU OCEANUP THEY DONT SUCK YOU SUCK OCEANUP! They’re actually talented cause with them its about their music not their looks and personality. They also wrote AND produced, all their own music! Dumbfuck

    • fuck fuckitbitches

      Red is overrated you probably only listen to Top 40 crap or Taylor is the only music u listen to and don’t know about other good music bitch.

  • boystan

    queens of everything i’m so sad taylor lost



  • Clauber

    Really? So she is her new bff


      seeing drama, it’s like selena/demi vs. taylor/lorde now. miley is another stratosphere

      • mrsmelo

        miley is better off away from all this middle school drama . she’s got enough issues to deal with lol

        • thecat61

          And what would those issues be?

        • Clauber

          I think there is a Miley/Cheyne team VS Demi, bullies (such a middle school drama)

          • thecat61

            I think you maybe wrong.

          • Clauber



    can’t believe lorde didn’t tweet about her wins yet! love her!

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      i love her too! ‘she ‘s little but shes coming for the crown’ ;)

  • tlsd

    lol and now selena suddenly hangs out with demi again…probs because her ex-bestfriend dumped her for lorde

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    love lorde! pure heroine was a flawless album, i cant wait for her next!

    • Duckyhoward15

      I have a feeling by her next album no one will know her tbh

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        lol not alot of people seem to like her but i love her. I dont think she will be forgotten but I also dont know if she will have a another song as big as Royals, but to me that wasnt even the best on the album .

        • kr

          lorde doesn’t seem the type of artist that is fond of the “celebrity” idea. She’s not like taylor,katy,selena.She’s not into the pop culture.She’s not the typical teenage artist with the fan base that has it’s own name like you won’t see her go on talk shows for the sake of being noticed.I have a feeling that she’ll keep it low key.She’s continue to win awards but she won’t take the route all these people are taking as in she won’t be on people’s mind a year from now .I feel like she reminds me of Bjork (even though Bjork is a legend but lorde is still young,she could become like her)

          • Guest

            I agree with you ! but Lorde actually is into pop culture , like she likes watching meltdowns and her faves are Britney and Amanda but I get what you mean she doesn’t want to be a celebrity. I love bjork , I could see her doing music lithe way she does ( although bjorks voice is better lol)one thing is for sure though lorde’s future is gonna be amazing I’m exited to follow her career and hear all her music

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            I meant to say she likes to watch celebrity meltdown , there are problem a ton of other errors but too lazy to find them now, u get the idea lol

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            Ugh that comment is mine, I tried to edit it and I made a mistake and pressed delete lol :p

          • Duckyhoward15

            I doubt she will even grow up and continue singing tbh

        • Duckyhoward15

          I agree with you and yes time will tell

  • anonymous

    the way taylor is hooked on to the ‘next big thing’ is soooo THIRSSTTTYYY

    they gave the grammy to max

  • thecat61

    Just what exactly did taylor clean up?

    • ftime

      what do you mean?