Teen Wolf Cast Guess Who’s Abs

Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Posey & Crystal Reed all play ‘Guess Who’s Abs?’ as they try to identify whose pictures of abs belong to what famous werewolf actors.

Dylan O’Brien was thrown off as a ‘personal’ picture of him in Italy was brought out to be guessed, he asked the reporter, ‘how did you even get that?!’ LOL.

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  • Emmatome

    OMG, I love them so much. They seem so down to earth and funny and… Gosh. Dylan **

  • JJ456

    Dylan….yum!!!!!! I love this show & cast!

  • laura

    I think I’m going to start watching teen wolf, damn!

    • Zaina777

      It’s such a good show…Kanima’s and Pyscho hot teachers and Creepy Grandpa’s and hot twins and even hotter alpha’s it’s a blast.

      • laura

        ooh sounds great! my sister has been telling me to watch it but I was always like ‘meh don’t feel like it, I prefer true blood’ but damn! those are some really nice abs :o

        • Zaina777

          You should… You have to catch up a lot though. They are already in the second half of season three of the show.

          • laura

            When I’ve finished my exams, I have two weeks of so I’m pretty I’ll be able to catch up lol

  • Zaina777

    Is it wrong that i’m in love with Tyler Posey and Dylan O’ Brien… I can’t choose. I think I would go with Tyler though there is something so hot about his goofiness mixed with his sexiness but then there’s the adorable Dylan O’ Brien with the dimples and the….Why…thank the heaven’s for these beautiful men on this beautiful show…..Oh, and Tyler Hoechlin is sex on legs…

  • boystan

    i don’t find dylan attractive at all i don’t know what people see in him