Ariana Cried? Fashion Critic Response

ariana-crying9Ariana Grande responded to fashion critics and commenters her bashed her Grammy 2014 dress: i’ll change up my style when i’m ready to, enjoyin the last of my retro phase. more important things like this musicccc, stu for the night.. 3am puppy moments. just got home from the studio. night errrbody

Fan report: ‘I first hand watched what happened. Ariana was happy and she went with the best confidence on the red carpet. She was doing good at first. But then the paps yelled really loud all wanting her to look at them.

she can’t listen to all of them at once and they kept ordering her around. She made one mistake by moving left a bit too quick and when she tried to move back she tripped. Eventually she got flustered and upset.’


  • anonymous

    this is what she wears when scooter’s away at the SAVE BEEBY summit

  • laura

    I normally really like her outfits but this does nothing for her body. It practically drowns her. The shoes don’t really match either and she should really stop wearing these tights.
    Poor girl, btw. The paps should’ve not been so hard on her. I can understand that it got a bit too much.

  • Zaina777

    She is really pretty but she looks like a stepford wife here she should dress her age more.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      I know it’s like she lost all that weight just to hide her body , she should show it off and wear things for a petite girl.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    At first I was annoyed with her responding so much to haters because it seems like she care more about them then her fans. Now it is just sad. She must be so self conscience .

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I never thought she was annoying via her responses, because AT LEAST she DOES respond to haters. Most celebs don’t and just never talk about it. Like Miley/Demi/Sel… I think you’re spot on right about her being self-conscious. I think she is VERY self-conscious and that is why she is trying to please everyone, and justify her own actions. I think her intentions are to get people to stop being mean to her or criticizing her, which isn’t really working — but I mean it shows her earnest effort and self-conscious mindset. Being a celebrity is hard.. can you imagine everyone telling you that you should change your hair/style/etc? The public basically tries to mold you into something that you’re not.

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        OMG VINTAGE: “You can change your hair and you can change your clothesYou can change your mind, that’s just the way it goes” OH MILERZ… you used to be so influential & relatable.

        • Queen Amanda Bynes

          Lol , Taylor swift wrote that song <3

        • k

          Whoa whoa whoa… I’m pretty sure those are almost the EXACT lyrics of a Hilary Duff song. “So Yesterday”?

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        I agree with you . People are really hard on her for some reason. I think it must be jealousy because they can’t find any flaw in her and the moment they do they attack her because of it. Her hair is a really sensitive topic to her and the fact the she talks about it so much makes them attack her more.

        She shouldnt have to make promises to change her style or hair because she looks fine the way she is, but she can do whatever she wants. People have no right to judge here because she won’t change her damn hair and style lol.

        • laura

          I don’t even get what people have against her style. I think it’s refreshing to see someone dressed like that, very classy and cute but still a bit sexy. She shouldn’t change herself just because people are being so rude to her.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    I see what she was trying to do but the retro look doesn’t work with that hairstyle so it looks incomplete. If her hair was up it would have looked better. But she’s right she should focus on music rather than faishon.

    • Adele


    • in jesus name i pray amen

      oh well now that you mention it… her hair up would actually look super QT here.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    It just didn’t look right. Not his time, Ari.

  • Adele

    If the dress had been a bit shorter..maybe…All those dresses she has to wear to events have to be altered because of her height. Ariana should just do a quick pose for the photographers then move on cuz it’s not happening for her on the red carpet.

  • hmm

    So this is the weave? Or her natural hair?

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      clip-in extensions***

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Her real hair is dark again, So the dark is hers and all the blond are clip in extensions

  • Cici

    She’s a gorgeous girl, she has a perfect body, and she can sing her ass off…I wonder why she doesn’t feel confident? I just hope none of this pushes her too far to where she starts dressing like a baby prostitute at public events to get attention. She normally looks cute, this dress was just too long.

  • Lauren

    I really do feel for Ariana. She’s said on multiple occasions that she gets such bad anxiety around paps and red carpets, she’s also said she’s trying to get used to it because it’s part of the business but tbh paps are just downright rude, provocative and scary. I’d probably run a mile and fall spectacularly in the process if I was in her position! I think she has every right to defend herself from haters, even though she shouldn’t have to. I don’t get why people are so into wanting her to change her image, personally I think she’s stunning and dresses beautifully. Her style is classic and suits her, why should she have to succumb to anybody else’s demands when being herself has got her this far?

  • QUE

    Damn first all of bieber’s drama now Ariana’s crying. Scooter needs a cocktail.

  • boystan

    i don’t mind the hair but that dress was horrible

  • boystan

    i still love you slayriana <3

  • Demi Lovato

    Bitch, please. The paps yell at EVERYBODY.

    They don’t care about this nobody when Beyonce, Katy Perry & co. are all there.

    • Silver

      lol IKR? Imagine all those times Miley walked on those carpets with her funny dresses. Or even when Bieber just steps off a plane. She should embrace the life she chose and deal with it., This is becoming such an annoying habit of hers.

  • Emmatome

    The dress doesn’t do her justice. I mean, the dress’s pretty and everything, but it just doesn’t fit her, and it’s not really something you would wear to the Grammys. But still, there’s no need to be rude/mean. It’s her choice. She does whatever she wants. Just let her be.