Emma Watson Wonderland Cover Girl

emma-watson-wonderland (1)Emma Watson featured on the cover of Wonderland Magazine. Emma told Yahoo!: ‘I plan to graduate in May, from Brown. I love history. I love English. I paint and draw, so I love visual arts. I don’t think it ever could have been like your standard university experience, no.. I am happy that I got to experience it.’

On watching NetFlix in America: ‘I started watching House of Cards and Orange is The New Black and Friday Night Lights, stuff that I hadn’t really been into before. It was really through my college friends. That was a Friday night thing, we would do TV marathons.’

On new projects: ‘[We] have put together a comedy at the moment. I did a play when I was at Brown, I did Chekov, and it was The Three Sisters and it was a really dark comedy and I really enjoyed getting to make people laugh. So, yeah, it’s definitely something I want to do.

We are about to start promotional stuff on Noah and it can feel quite overwhelming, and I have to remind myself, it’s never going to be as full on as it was with Harry Potter. So it’s a comfort in a way to know that. If I have done that, I feel like I can do most things, which is nice.’

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    So pretty. This girl is perfection.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    She is so gorg and literally always looks flawless.

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    Can she get even more beautiful?

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    doesn’t look like her, why would someone photoshop Emma that way? she’s already beautiful

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    Omg in that yellow dress with her hair up she kinda looks like Johanna / Jenna Malone from the hunger games!

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      I loved Johanna so much! Jenna Malone did an amazing job and Emma so look like her there lol

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    WOW just wow. This is probably one of her best photoshoots. She actually looks mature & very sexy as opposed to her usual very innocent baby-faced self.

    OMG. im howling OMG….. She is literally everything I want to be.

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      I need her hair to be long like that everyday tbh. That length is PERFECT on her.

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    she is absolutely beautiful.

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    i love her with long hair

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    She is so gorgeous.

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    Flawless. She’s stunning, smart, talented… She definitely has it all.