Harry Styles Golfing + Louis & El Skiing

louis-eleanor-skiing-harry-styles-golf (1)louis-eleanor-skiing-harry-styles-golf (5)Harry Styles poses with a fan at a golf course in Los Angeles. Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder are skiing in France. & Zayn Malik spotted posing outside Stone Menswear shop.

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  • Duckyhoward15

    Aww :)

  • Anon

    Why people find him attractive, I will never know.

    • boystan

      which one

  • http://lovinq-you.tumblr.com/ FuckHarry

    Aww Louis and Eleanor are such a cute couple. Harry really needs his hair stylist Lou lmao

  • boystan

    harry’s cute

  • boystan

    louis is cute too

  • zosia

    omg…. zayn is so handsome… i can’t handle this anymore

  • Emmatome

    They are teens. They are humans. They don’t have to look perfect all the time. So I think Harry looks pretty good! So do all the others!