Taylor Thought She Won Best Album?

lorde-swiftyTaylor Swift‘s mouth was wide open when best album was being announced, and appeared to think that RED was announced for about 5 seconds, not Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, was the big winner. Do YOU think Taylor should have won?

Lorde posted an Instagram: ‘later on’.


  • Duckyhoward15

    I knew it , they will act like new bffs till Lorde is nothing want to bet they will go on tour with eachother and maybe even do a song together ?

  • Anna

    Well if this isn’t BS…..

  • laura

    No, Daft Punk is way better than Taylor. They deserve every award they have won. Vive la France! <3

    • Mélanie

      Un avatar Leo , et un avis en faveur des Daft Punk ? On va être meilleures amies ! Hahaha lol

      • laura

        Hahaha très bonne idée :)
        Les gens de Daft Punk sont vraiment geniaux! Et Leo est trop mignon haha, il est le meilleur acteur qu’il y a. T’as vu wolf of wall street? C’était genial!
        Je suis desolée si j’ai fait des erreurs mais c’est pas ma langue maternelle :s je suis ¾ Belge et ¼ Français, a peu près lol mais j’essaie :)

    • but

      youre saying this bc ur biased, i’ve seen you hate on taylor lmao

      • laura

        I’m saying that because RAM was better.
        So what if I don’t like Taylor as person? I don’t like Selena either and I still have both of their albums.
        Also, no one even knows what the guys from Daft Punk look like so how can this be based on me favoring one person over the other?

        • kwat

          no ur biased bc u hate her, so anyone who wins over her or smth u will be happy

          • laura

            I don’t hate her, I just don’t like her personality. If you would’ve scrolled down, you could’ve also read that I said this was her best album imo because I’ve never digged country music and this album was more pop.
            There are just artists out there who are better than her and that is my opinion.

  • anonymous

    ‘lorde’ is overrated and thirsty. this year is taylors flop year

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Lorde isn’t thirsty. She didnt even walk the red carpet lol. She generally seemed shocked when she won.

      • HolyGround

        True. Thats probably why she could barely even give a speech. She seemed really surprised tbh

  • Misha Collins

    Tay knows when to pick her friends and boyfriends. When they’re relevant.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Lol , true

    • oops

      thats true but what does this have to do with the post? nothing.
      but since you have harry styles as your icon that means you have to be a bitch about everything

  • Mélanie

    Taylor deserve nothing , she already won everything in 5 years , Vive Daft Punk !

  • HolyGround

    This is too much. My heart seriously broke for her aww :( But the guy next to her, I think her tour manager, looked like he had a legit heart attack lol.

    • Silver

      lol… I know.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Red was an amazing album so you can’t blame her.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Red came out in 2012 and alot ( I think all) of the other nominees albums had 2013 releases. It most likely lost because it was older then the rest, it doesnt make it any less amazing. And she has won the award before so no loss there.

    • laura

      Random Access Memories was better than Red, it’s as simple as that. They deserved to win this year, Taylor didn’t.
      Which is quite remarkable to be honest, considering that they are European and not American but definitely well deserved.

      • HolyGround

        Thats only your opinion though, not trying to be rude or anything. I listened to Random Access Memories and really thought Red was better. Of course I am a little biased though, lol. I thought Red deserved to win, but I’m still happy for Daft Punk.

        • laura

          Honestly, I don’t think that Taylor’s music is Grammy worthy when you, for example, compare her to Adele who’s lyrics are way deeper. But then again, I don’t really think a lot of people are Grammy worthy tbh.
          I just think that Daft Punk is very renewing and knows how to combine beats to really make an amazing record. Same with M.I.A., she is brilliant when it comes to picking the right beats and instruments for her songs.
          Not that Red was that awful, I like to listen to it from time to time as well, but Daft Punk really deserved the awards :)

          • HolyGround

            Thats still your opinion, because I think her music is Grammy worthy. She writes it all herself and knows how to relate to so many issues (believe it or not she has mannnyyyy songs not about heartbreak lol). I’ve been in one relationship only but still connect to her songs because she’s a great songwriter. But you’re right, I also don’t think a lot of people are Grammy worthy. I just think Taylor is definitely worthy.
            Its not that I didn’t like their album, it was really good and their performance was amazing! I just didn’t think it was better than Red. I wasn’t upset that Daft Punk won it, because I really liked their album too. Tbh I really thought Macklemore would win.

          • laura

            Of course, everyone prefers different music :)
            And this album was better than her previous ones (not digging the country music haha) , she’s really getting there with I almost do or begin again but I feel like she still has to mature when it comes to her music. Not that I want her to become the new Adele but she’d be so much better if they had those deeper and more mature lyrics like with Adele. But she’ll get there, I’m sure.
            I still can’t believe Macklemore didn’t win more awards :o

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        I love daft punk , i wasn’t bashing them , but i love Taylor as well . I think they change with each album and BOTH are so amazing.But truthfully there was way more buzz around them because there album came out last year as opposed to 2 years ago like tay.

        That said I was rooting for Macklamore, Taylor AND Daft punk so i was happy when they won.

        • laura

          Oh I know you weren’t bashing them, sorry if it came across like that :s
          Daft Punk definitely knows how to create a buzz around their albums haha
          I was rooting for Macklemore as well, he’s great!

      • amy

        I don’t think that their is a bias of having American artists winning rather that European ones. There are plenty of European artists who win grammys. I do admit that a large majority of them are from the UK rather than other European countries, but I think that mainly has to do with language.

        • laura

          There is, trust me. It also happens at the Oscars. There are many European films out there who are way better than any American movie nominated but they’ll never get further than best foreign language even though they deserve to be nominated for best director, best screenplay, best actor, etc. That’s just how it is. The same for Europeans favoring European music and films though.

      • hunter

        why hasn’t Random Access Memories even gone gold in the US then? RED has gone 4x Platinum, has 7 singles off the album and sold a million copies in the first week. it clearly did better

        • laura

          Multiple reasons. One is Daft Punk being European, two is them not having a pop album but futuristic discofunk, This is the second time they’ve won Grammys, btw. And in 97 countries, their album was on number one for several weeks and had gone platinum in several countries. And in America they even sold the most vinyls ever.
          Their European sales were better than Taylors, because Europe loves European music and America loves American music. That’s how it is.


  • thecat61


  • roxanneXD

    Oceanup: Do YOU think Taylor should have won?

    NO haha

  • liz

    no, taylor should not have won. her album was good, but not as good at the other contestants. by the way, she always wins everything so it’s nice to see other people getting some love.

  • Commonsense

    I personally think Red was a great album so I feel as thought she should’ve won. Everyone has different opinions so even if u think the album was good or not it doesn’t matter. She sold over a million albums it’s first week release and not many artists have done that. Ariana sold 100,000 or a bit more I believe Katy and Miley about 250,000 justin timberlakes album sold about 900,000 which is really high also. I’m not sure how many albums daft punk sold; I am a fan of their music just a bit more of Taylor. This girl is raw, the real deal. She writes all of her music and people can connect to her on a personal level. It takes a lot to be a great musician. Not only singing music that u have not written yourself. I’m not saying daft punk doesn’t write their own music just saying that it’s not fair for people to say she doesn’t deserve it.

  • Sara

    I think Taylor deserved the award for Speak Now. That album was a lyrical masterpiece written by her and her only. I have to say I only know one Daft Punk song, so I can’t say whether they deserved to win or not.. I’m sad she didn’t win, though. I think she thought she would.

  • boystan

    omg that was the saddest thing i almost cried. she should’ve won.

  • Amanda

    Im not the BIGGEST Taylor fan, but I do have to say, I pretty much adored every single song on Red. I was pretty shocked she didn’t win.

  • booboo

    I love Taylor and although I initially wasn’t feeling Red, I came to adore many of the songs on the album. That’s the only nominated album I listened to in its entirety though so I can’t let my bias overcome my judgment and say she was robbed or anything. Plus, it somehow didn’t come to me as a surprise that she didnt.

    What DOES kinda bug me just a bit is the fact that that “Rrrrrrrr” moment was a little dragged on? As in, they did that on purpose; camera on Taylor and all. Kinda fucked up to plan that moment that way, no?

  • BrokenArrow18

    awe I felt bad because it seems she really loved this album and she got nothing for it

  • Emmatome

    The guy next to her makes me laugh. Just look at his face in here! I’ve actually been laughing for five minutes now.

  • here
  • ety

    Red was a masterpiece. Its a great album but since I haven’t listened to any Daft Punk songs I shouldn’t judge

  • getlikemiley

    lmao i died laughing at her reaction GURL NO SIT DOWN