Bieber To Spend Valentine’s In Court

justin-bieber-mugshotJustin Bieber set to appear before a South Florida judge on charges of DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license on Valentine’s Day. During the arraignment process, prosecutors will formally file charges against the him, Bieber will then enter an official plea.

Though it is usually expected, Bieber may not have to officially attend the court-date, his defense could submit his plea in writing. Justin’s record label boss Lucien Grainge said needs an ‘intervention’ very soon:

‘I’m very concerned about him. I’ve been concerned about him for many months. And Scooter Braun [Justin’s manager], who I work with very closely and is supposed to be here, but is with him at the moment. The management, us.. This has nothing to do with the business or records or releases, this is to do with the young man. He needs help. He needs an intervention.

We are going to give all the support as a company to take as much pressure off him so he can look forward. Hopefully, we will all get through to him. But what people don’t understand, he’s a 19-year-old. You cannot just pick someone up and force them to do something if they are not ready.

All of us around him need to take all the responsibility, all the pressure off him and give him support so he can address the issues he has, and he does have issues. And I’d like it to be dealt with.”

Aerosmith rockstar Steven Tyler support Justin Bieber’s actions:

You know I called Justin this morning. I said: ‘Justin, let me ask you a question: Were you sitting next to a gorgeous woman?’ ‘He said ‘yeah’. I said, “Were you in a yellow ferrari?” He said ‘yeah’. I said, ‘Are you the biggest pop artist in the world right now?’ He said ‘yeah’.’ Tyler then added: ‘I said, ‘That’s cool.

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  • HolyGround

    Its good that they are trying to get him help. I understand that its probably going to be hard, probably because they let him go to far with the drugs and freedom. Things like that can’t be dealt with overnight. The thing is I can’t see anyone buying anymore music he puts out after this whole thing, except for maybe his fans. I honestly didn’t even know he had Journals out until a while after. Who knows though, thats just me.

  • anonymous

    steven tyler isn’t helping

    in other news the deport petition only needs 24,000 more sigs

    meanwhile the anti-deport petition only has 905 sigs

    like the other commenter said obviously they’re helping now but it’s very late. once you’re an addict your chance of relapse even with help is very high, over 40%

    he looks sick and he needs real psychological attention and to stop being in the cult world he and everyone around him creates

  • Redneckatheart

    Getting him to agree to getting help is going to be hard as hell. He’s had way to much freedom and to much exposure to drugs. He will need a serious reality check to see how much help he needs. For his sake I hope he gets the help.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Shit just got real…. This is coming from the head of the record label. Clearly they have lost control of Bieby, but it’s good that they take responsibility and WANT him to get the help he needs. They’re 100% right tho! you can’t force him to get help. He needs to do that on his own.

    • anonymous

      they could have made it much harder for him to get into drugs etc by making it part of his contract somehow

  • boystan

    how romantic

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Just no to what Steven Tyler had to say, just fucking no.
    I don’t understand why his parents & family let this get so far but I like that his boss is stepping in now. Scott has been trying to get his ‘friends’ aka the enablers away from him for awhile now. It’s great that they’re not with him right now (except for Chantel but I don’t expect for her to be around for too long. She looks exactly like Jordan and when he was done wining and dining her she was gone just like Cailin). Even his housekeeper was crying for him and trying to get help, she reached out to his parents and they did nothing. I’m so disgusted with them.

    • anonymous

      his parents: *i love being rich without working!*

    • anna

      yeah his parents won’t do anything..they need him to pay the bills so they won’t say anything that could make him mad and cut them off

  • anon

    why is he not being charged for underage drinking?

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      I’m sure the lawyer is going to somehow say that he didn’t drink underage and had that alcohol content from his chicken that he ate for dinner that was marinated in a white wine sauce. Like ok lololoooolol….. Can’t wait for that bullshit.

      But anyways, didn’t he admit to drinking one beer and smoking weed?

  • Diamondskyart

    I’m not a fan of Justin but I just hope he gets better. For some reason I’m beginning to feel sorry for him.

  • JUG

    I don’t get it. If his team & label have been concerned about him for months, why was the public relations messaging so consistent in insisting that Justin was doing what all 19 year olds do at his age. I never believed this line but his team kept repeating it. Maybe if his team started publicly expressing their concern earlier or staged an intervention earlier, Justin would not be facing a criminal investigation in California and criminal charges in Florida. I don’t know if the delay in going public with their concerns was to avoid hurting sales of the Journals cd and the Believe movie. If it was, I think that’s absolutely disgusting.

    • anonymous

      that’s true. now it’s convenient