Little Mix To Open For One Direction?

little-mix-one-directionLittle Mix may be supporting One Direction on their Where We Are tour. On their record label Columbia’s website, under a promotional picture of Little Mix, the words ‘supporting.. 1D this summer’ appear.

One Direction’s tour dates clash with Little Mix’s own tour, so not confirmed. Mickey said on Twitter: ‘I would rather have little mix touring with the boys than fifth harmony though.’


  • boystan


  • FuckHarry

    That would be awesome! But I think its better if they tour with Demi.

  • zosia

    no please just no…. enough of milking 1d’s fame!!!

  • anon

    And do they think that by opening for them it would put to rest any rumors about them using 1D to gain recognition? It will only solidify it in people’s minds that they don’t have the actual talent to make it on their own and they need the backing of 1D to get any fans. Proves it to me!

  • liz

    Like always they dont have an audience so they root of 1D. The only reason they got recognition is because of perrie and zyan. Apart from that one or two songs that are good in almost 3 or 4 years?