Miley Madonna Unplugged Tongue Duet

miley-madonna-unplugged-tongue-duet-3miley-madonna-tongueMiley Ray Cyrus & Madonna stick out tongue during MTV Unplugged duet.

Miley Unplugged reviewed by Buzzfeed: Clad in a bedazzling red-and-white checkered catsuit, Miley Cyrus stood beneath an enormous, glittering wagon wheel in front of a crowd of 200-plus devoted fans for her very first MTV Unplugged special Tuesday evening.

While most of the 21-year-old singer-actress-tabloid mainstay’s press lately tends to revolve around what she’s wearing (or not wearing, in most cases), the night served as a true reminder of what an incredible singer she is.

Stripped of overpowering production values, Miley effortlessly embraced the bare minimum format of the long-standing MTV series and let her powerful vocals take center stage on pared-down versions of ‘Drive’ and ‘Adore You.’

All eight songs she performed off her fourth studio album, Bangerz, wildly benefitted from subtracting every extraneous instrument. Which isn’t to say Miley abandoned all of her signature stage spectacles, a fact easily gleaned by looking at the oversized horse she grinded against during “4×4” and gyrated on top of during “Get It Right.”

She put the horse (and the catsuit) out to pasture after the first three songs and changed into an ensemble that can only be likened to the silk pajamas TLC sported in their “Creep” music video, but Miley’s were covered in sequins and torn like they’d been dragged behind a pick-up truck.

She went on to deliver stunning renditions of “Jolene” and “Wrecking Ball” before the night’s most attention-grabbing (for all the right reasons) number: a duet with Madonna. Even before the performance ended, Twitter was abuzz with the news that the two most ambitious blondes in pop music sung a mash-up of “Don’t Tell Me” and “We Can’t Stop” (despite MTV’s efforts to keep that under wraps).

And, as if the moment could get any better, fans were treated to the Madge and Miley number twice (due to technical reasons). For Miley, the evening was all about celebrating her most personal album to date. But for the rapt audience, it was a glorious tribute to the talent behind the twerking and the heart behind the headlines.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Desperate Madonna always trying to hook onto new, younger singers.

    • csi

      Why would the Queen of Pop use Miley for attention?… When will your faveeee? Bye

    • RegReach

      But she has so many other options
      she choose mily becasue she wanted to

    • roxanneXD

      must be understood. Madonna is irrelevant now . and she needs hook new artists to draw the attention and thus be able to sell a little more. his last album MDNA and singles was a flop compared to the great Hard Candy Album

  • boystan


  • boystan

    iconic moment tbh

  • boystan

    i love madoner

  • thecat61

    Oops I was wrong. There was some grinding and bumping going on. Can’t wait to see it. Great review!!!

  • please

    I’ve tried giving Miley the benefit of the doubt: her voice is very strong and really nice at times. Her album was better (not amazing) but much better than I expected. She’s very well spoken in interviews. She is somewhat pretty when she doesn’t try to be “sexy”, which she painfully isn’t. She’s very smart about getting attention. But I can’t take her seriously. She says she wants to retire the tongue, but she obviously won’t. (OMG, can you at the very least brush your tongue?? The coated-ness of it is disgusting. At least Madonna fucking brushed hers. Crest, honey.) If she’s actually trying to come off as unattractive, she’s absolutely succeeding, because she’s starting to look like a caricature now. It’s kind of pathetic that she doesn’t believe in her talent (and that she’s not grateful of her father’s nepotism) to just be instead of trying so hard. If she didn’t do these stupid and annoying antics, she could be… dare I say… beloved? SHE makes you dislike her. You know it’s bad when Madonna is the most respectable one in the picture.

    • LanaDelRayOfSunshine
    • Emmy

      From my POV, I was never really into shock value. I don’t know how old you are, but I start listening to Madonna when I heard her perform “Hung Up” at some music show. Her music stuck with me and continued listening because of that. I’m not old enough to have seen her shock values in her prime, but Madonna was always about making a statement. With Miley, I also became a fan because of her music. The antics don’t have much impact on me. The only thing I was really against was the VMA performance, but when you think about it, it was a genius move. I love her full, husky voice. When I first heard “See You Again”, I knew she destined for superstardom. To be honest, she doesn’t make me dislike her. She is clearly very self aware and will not go down the path of many fallen Disney starlets because of this. I think the antics are just a phase, but her voice has drawn attention. I got to see her on the Best of Both Worlds & Wonder World Tour, she puts on a world class show at such a young age.

  • anonymous

    the thirst is so strong it’s like looking at medusa

  • cerenagee

    Eww really? She had to ruin the pictures with that disgusting tongue face? Its not even cute! Like she got to live her dream and perform with her idol! Why the hell can’t she just smile!

  • RegReach

    I hope they dont kss
    Madonna will suck the Youth from her body

  • Emmatome

    “what she’s wearing (or not wearing, in most cases)” is it wrong that I laughed?

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Was it just me or did Madonna at the Grammy’s look like she needed that cane because she could HARDLY walk?… She is getting WAY too old and cant sing like she used to, she is always desperate to make headlines and the news, so I guess Miley & Madonna are naturally a match made in heaven.

    I do LOVE Madonna’s old music, but seriously?! I lost a lot of artistic integrity from her by doing this with Miley.

  • thecat61

    This is MTV unplugged, anything goes. You wanna watch something lame and tame go watch Lawrence Welk reruns.

    Everybody bitching about a god damn picture. She’s been sticking her tongue out since HM days, get over it. And I’m sure everyone will be watching her special.