• sigh

    selena..let it go…you’re a 21 year old woman , we’re not in high school -__-

    • kat

      Lorde never said she hated Selena. Lorde just stated that because she (lorde) considers herself a feminist, so she did not like the message that Selena’s song “Come and get it” gives off.

      • lols

        Agreed! I’m losing respect for Selena. It seems like if you say anything about her she’d be offended and would think you hate her. She’s so 8 or 80 (love me or hate me) and it’s pathetic, a typical high school behavior. If anything, Lorde could be thinking Selena is just an immature girl who can’t deal with constructive criticism and is felt personal attacked and jealous of Taylor and Lorde’s friendship. So she would have right reasons to not like her, but I don’t think she’d say anything bad about Selena in front of Taylor, since they’re friends. Lorde is in a waay higher level than that, she’s too busy with her two Grammys to be worried about some pressed disney star.

      • Sue

        Do you know what Lorde has been saying to Selena behind the scenes? No one knows, maybe she tried to get closer to her and it didn’t work out. I don’t think she’s basing it off of one comment.

    • lucy

      apparently you didn’t actually watch the video… because Selena complimented her and was very gracious

      • honesty

        Yes she was, but the problem was that Lorde never publicly attacked Selena. She didn’t outright say that she didn’t like Selena, only the message of “Come and Get It” so for Selena to bring it up that way as if Lorde said she doesn’t like her when she really didn’t even say that at all is why everyone is mad here.

        • Silver

          There are a couple of things that Lorde said and tweeted before she was very popular go on her timeline unless she deleted them, from mocking the name ‘Selenators’, to retweeting not so nice tweets about Selena… I really doubt Selena is referencing the Come and Get It comment. I felt like when Lorde came into the scene she wanted a beef with someone, she kinda tried to diss Miley through her fans then Miley quickly nipped it in the bud and was sweet to her and all of sudden she started complimenting her… Or maybe she is just really so outspoken.

          • honesty

            Oh okay, I didn’t know about that. Interesting.

        • Clauber

          Well, we really dont know what happened, i mean we havent seen Taylor-Selena-Lorde together,

          • honesty

            Good point.

        • Ricardo

          Lorde and Taylor are friends.. maybe Lorde told Taylor and Taylor told Selena? I mean.. you don’t know nothing at all.

          • honesty

            It’s a possibility. I’m just going off of what Lorde actually said that triggered this whole feud in the first place. I highly doubt Lorde is out here hating Selena for absolutely no reason. It seems Selena took her initial comment and ran with it. And if Lorde hates Selena behind the scenes, Selena must have done something to warrant it. So if you guys wanna look at it that way, nobody is innocent in this.

  • roxanneXD


    yes! because Lorde make good music

  • Jh

    She was petty for saying she doesn’t like me very much..like what was the point of saying that..she always has to play the victim .like goddamn she annoying ..like her interview was good until that one statement ..she did not have to say that.all she had to say was that she young and has a powerful message and leave it at that..or she could have picked another person to say..she’s so petty..she can put on blast when someone doesn’t like her but doesn’t comment when people ask her if she has a problem with someone.like don’t be mad lorde is 16 and is more mature and says what tf she feels more than a 21 years ago..she acts like such a baby.not everyone’s gonna fucking like you.

  • guest

    Ffs, it’s the message of the SONG she doesn’t like Selena! Stop playing the damn name-dropping victim.

  • Jd

    I don’t know why she’s taking it personal anyway..lorde says she doesn’t like the message in the song..it’s not like selena wrote the song…such a fucking baby

  • :)

    Bitter much?

  • Allie

    Not a huge Selena fan, I mean I don’t mind her either way, but you guys make me laugh saying “thats petty” and “Lorde just didn’t like the message in come and get it”.. no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. No one knows if Lorde has said more to Taylor or even to Selena herself. I think it was very petty for Lorde, a new comer to tear down other girl artist (selena’s not the only one she said shit about) how feminist is that? I think it was cute that Selena gave her the benefit of the doubt that even though they don’t get along, basically, she still respects her- how is that petty? Thats answering a question openly and honestly.

    • PshPlease

      thank you!!!

    • Good point

      U are very right! Thank You

  • misssterry

    always bitching about something!


    honey, you are singing how to fuck a man of course lorde wont like what you sing aout and how you are available for him to come get it, so why are you getting so pissy about? beside selena you do know she is 17 grow the fuck up!

  • cerenagee

    omg people are ridiculous. obvi lorde is besties with tswift now so she is probably basing her answer off of more than just that single lorde comment. stfu all of you anti sel stans. i love the shit out of sel. she’s so straight up about things. MORE POWER TO HER

    • kay

      No, she’s NEVER straight up about things, unless someone goes and criticizes her work then she plays the pitty me party. You say no one knows what goes on since lorde is friends with taylor, but I remember that even before she was hanging with taylor Selena already deleted Royals from her set listing on the shows and commented that “to me a true feminist would support woman blabla”. Lorde said something about Taylor too (again not criticizing Taylor’s person too) but Taylor took it well and they became friends. Selena is really immature, those are the kind of attitudes I hate about her. Always playing the victim.

      • cerenagee

        Your comment is completely irrelevant to me because all she said about lorde when it came to that comment was a feminist doesn’t really bash other women. This video was made after tay and lorde were friends so like I said your comment was irrelevant to me.

      • Elle

        Not true, she took royals out of her set because roar by katy perry was used for the U.S. dates.

        • Team Sel

          It could have just been coincidence…. not because Lorde bashed Selena for her song don’t judge by assumptions

          • Elle

            Yeah! Thats what I’m saying! Lol, the person above said that she took royals out cause the comment. I said “Not true, she took royals out of her set because roar by katy perry was used for the U.S. dates.”– Meaning, no, she didn’t take royals ou because of Lorde’s comments but because Roar was planned for the U.S. leg of the tour. :)

    • anon

      I’m thinking this was filmed a while ago though possibly before she and Taylor were friends. Because why else would she say “her name is Lorde” uhhhhh everyone knows who Lorde is

      • cerenagee

        I highly doubt this interview is that old. I think she was just answering the question and there’s no reason she said her name is besides the fact that she was answering the question.


    typical of selena using other people name to get on magazine since lorde is the it person there she is trying to get some fame from her, this what you idols does selena fans, she just has no morals using even a 16 year old to start a petty fight like she did with miley to gained fame, ugh she is annoying! and a famewhore

    • Team Sel

      Ur statement is so irrelevant

  • burnin’ up for nick

    Lorde can shut the fuck up!!

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    OH DANG… hahah you go Sel! Call Lorde out! She calls everyone out so, it’s about time she feels the heat a bit… This is about to make both, Saylor’s & Torde’s friendship awkward. I feel bad cuz TaySwift is probably going to be asked by Sel to choose between the two of em.

    • HolyGround

      I really hope Sel doesn’t make her chose between them if thats really the case lol. I feel like Taylor is really taking Lorde under her wing because she’s experienced and doesn’t want to see her get the hate she got. It seems like unnecessary drama for Sel to make her choose between them and it doesn’t seem like something she would do?

  • hijij

    I can see Selena stans here are angry and pressed! LOL everyone knows mooore than anything that Selena loves to play the victim… But talking like this about Lorde just to make her look like a bad bully or something is ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous. Why don’t you solve this problem IN PARTICULAR with Lorde (and Taylor if that’s the case) instead of saying such things to the media? “Lorde doesn’t like me, uh she’s so mean but since I’m so good I still admire her”. Don’t even try to defend her, stans, as you guys said, no one knows what happened in closed doors. Even if ANYTHING happened it would still be immature as fuck from Selena to bring this feud to the media.

  • Cici

    With the sudden closeness of Lorde & Taylor, there is obviously more going on than what we see.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      IA… must be some shits going down. Funny how NOW Sel has gone back to being BFF with Demi. You feel me?…

      • Cici

        Omg…so many questions.

  • http://lovinq-you.tumblr.com/ FuckHarry

    Selena stop seeking approval from a 17 year old. Who cares of she doesn’t like you, you’ll survive.

  • Anna

    Some people are self conscious and get hurt when others insult their music. Selena is probably already self conscious with her singing and lorde commenting on not liking her music makes it worse. Seriously guys Selena is HUMAN, like anyone else she gets hurt when people are rude to her. I like Selena, I don’t like Lorde. Lorde is arrogant and it is obvious when she is interviewed. Im sorry for saying I’m on Selena’s side her. Hate me for it, I don’t care. It sucks that no one here can admit they would react the same way as Selena did, oh well. And for all any of you know Lorde said something to Taylor about Selena and Tay repeated it selena. You don’t know what is going on here, personally I think Lorde was probs a bitch to Selena and Selena got upset like anyone else.

    • Team Sel

      Yes! Yes! Yes!

    • joi

      No, you’re just a pathetic Selena stan trying to make Lorde look bad! If you say no one knows what happened behind the scenes then how you’re assuming that probably Lorde was a bitch to Selena? You hypocrite. From all we know, the only thing Lorde said was about the message of Come and Get it, and no, I wouldn’t feel upset or butthurt like Selena because I’m fucking 19 years-old, not 12. If Selena can’t handle constructive criticism then she needs to quit Hollywood. To me who seems the arrogant here is her, because she seems to proud of herself to admit that maybe her songs are not that good and that not everyone will like it.

      • Anna

        No I am not a Selena stan, I just respect her. There is a big difference! You have no clue what is going on some stop acting like I am the one in the wrong here. You don’t know anything either and I never said I was right dumbass. It is my OPINION on what happened, never said it was fact.
        Your a pathetic lorde fan who trashes Selena without knowing the full story. Did you see the above comment where someone said before lorde was famous she TRASHED Selena and her fans on her twitter? No you didn’t so stop making stupid assumptions. It makes you come across as the arrogant one for assuming that one little comment upset Selena. Lorde is not know for being a nice person, so I would have no issue believing she tweeted crap about her without even knowing her. I’m sorry my opinion isn’t the same as yours, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • lucy

    YOU PEOPLE NEED TO WATCH THE VIDEO OMG. Selena literally complimented her despite the thing that lorde said. She was being the bigger person. I HATE YOU ALL

    • Anna

      YES YES YES! I just watched the video, She did say lorde doesn’t like her, but that wasn’t a majority of what she said. She complimented lorde saying she has a lot of “girl power” for someone that is so young and she sends out a good message. Maybe if you guys automatically didn’t assume the context of the video without watching it, you would realize selena is a very mature person who wasn’t rude about lorde at all.

  • F

    Everybody dosent like you and you have to realize that

    • Team Sel

      U have to realize that if ur not a fan of an artist don’t waste ur time & energy reading & commenting about them

  • Commonsense

    Everytime I come on this site I’m like wtf is going on with humanity!?

    Did u guys not hear when Selena said “she doesn’t like me but that’s alright” she clearly doesn’t care if she doesn’t like her. She wanted to answer the question by saying lorde but she didn’t want to look stupid because basically everyone knows that lorde was bashing her or her music. Listen, for those saying that she didn’t bash Selena she bashed her music idk about u but if someone bashes my dam music I’ll take it personal. Especially someone new. Idk Selena personally but she seems like a good person. wtf has she done to make these stupid little girls think that she’s so horrible? The only thing about her is her drama with justin and we’ve all been thru that with boys. If you hVent then you’re 12 and u should’ve be on this site. Go read a book, I don’t see why people have to go judging and saying crap about someone they don’t know. Like Ariana grande said dont worry about them , worry about you and bettering your life. They are fine; heck better than you.

    Guys… Live and let live.

  • karina

    Everyone is saying that lorde just didn’t like the message of come and get it because she said it in public but no one know what lorde said privat to selena, so i think its real that lorde doesn’t like sel!

  • Clauber

    Miley and Selena!! new bff <3

  • Clauber

    Lorde doesnt like anyone… creepy

  • boystan

    bye lorde never said she didn’t like selena

  • boystan

    shady shade

  • boystan

    i’m pretty sure taylor and selena are still friends

  • anony

    taylor swift is obviously the bitch here like first selena and now she’s switching to lorde lol like how annoying can you be. such a famewhore.

    although i would like to admit i quite like her music. i hope she fixes her personality.

    • sta

      no shes not? shes being friendly, shut the fuck up a person can have more than one friend ‘switching to lorde’ are you 12?

  • nikki

    She is so whiny it’s ridiculous, There’s is seven billion people in this world, someone is bound not to like you geez. -____-

  • nikki

    And didn’t she already say something back to Lorde why is she bringing it back up again?

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Tay and lorde aren’t really that close yet. Follow lorde’s sister on twitter and you see they (lorde and taylor) have only hung out about 4 times and her sister literally meet her Grammy night . Doesn’t mean there not friends but I doubt Tay will trade a a 5 year friend ship with Selena for lorde.

  • getlikemiley

    So funny how everyone is assuming they know why she made that comment. You don’t have any idea if anything has been said between them that hasn’t been publicly announced.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    If Taylor loves Selena and Lorde doesn’t like Selena why would Taylor continue to become friends with someone that detest Selena who she’s been best friends with for years? Taylor seems like the type who would’ve brought them together already. Although we haven’t seen Taylor and Selena hanging out in awhile. So to say Lorde could have said something about Selena in private could be true but Taylor being who she is (as Selena has said) wouldn’t go behind a friends back like that.

    I honestly believe Selena’s feelings are still hurt and this does make her look kind of petty to point that out when she didn’t have to. She points out that Lorde doesn’t like her then throws her compliments like she’s being the bigger person. She could have been the bigger person by just complimenting her and leaving it at that.

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      Selena is still my fave though.

    • Anna

      Apparently lorde tweeted crap about Selena before she was famous and deleted it. There is probably so much going on here and I don’t think we know the half of it. Taylor and Lorde haven’t hung out that many times, so I doubt they are actually that close. I remember Lorde being a bit petty towards Taylor because of how liked taylor was. So I think them hanging out is a ploy to make Lorde look better since she keeps destroying her rep by trashing and hating on people. I don’t know though, none of us do.

  • oop

    Poor dat, Lorde is better and talented than ya ever will be sweetie.

  • siteFan

    Selena needs to grow up …she’s upset becos Lorde merely mentioned that she didn’t agree with the msg in Selenas song which she did’t even write…. Always saying even tho Lorde doesn’t like me I support her….then bangs on about how young she is …as if she’s sooo much older and wiser…and more mature….pllleeeasse bring me my bucket so I can vomit into it. She even stopped lipsyncing Lordes songs and bangs on about how she supports her by playing….paaallllleeeassse…why not write and sing your own songs lady.