Taylor Swift ‘Awkward’ After Party

taylor-swift-awkward-moment (2)Taylor Swift delightful in all black while attending That Awkward Moment after party hugging her close friend Jessica Szohr. Longtime friend Zac Efron is stars in the new movie. Via TaylorSwiftWeb. Taylor told E! News: ‘I call my friends a lot. I’ve gotten better at that over the years.

Sometimes I have to go months without seeing my best friends and I have to remember to stay in touch. But most of my friends completely understand how busy life can get, and they’d never make me feel guilty if we haven’t talked in a while. We just catch up on everything the next time we see each other.’

  • HolyGround

    No no no she’s way too gorgeous. Love her eyes so much <3

  • boystan

    my queen

  • Emmatome

    They both look good!