Justin Bieber Pleads Not Guilty For DUI

beliebersJustin Bieber PLEADS NOT GUILTY to Miami Beach report that he resisted arrest, was driving under the influence and driving with an expired license, reports TMZ. In Miami Beach, being arrested for a misdemeanor is equivalent to being charged.

Justin’s arraignment is scheduled for Valentine’s Day, but his lawyer, Mark Shapiro, has entered a written not guilty plea. Bieber will still be arraigned but is not required to be present in court. They could still add charges before the arraignment. Justin will be charged in Toronto with assaulting a limo driver. And he’s also being investigated for egging his neighbor’s house, and that could be filed as a felony.

WATCH Justin Bieber’s new ‘Confident’ music video above!

UPDATE: Bieber has been charged with CRIMINAL ASSAULT for allegedly attacking a limousine driver, not just ordering his entourage to attack him. Toronto cops wanted to talk to Justin but he didn’t come in for an interview, now he is being taken into custody. Justin will be booked for assault, given a citation and released on his own recognizance.

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  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Hopefully he can get the help he clearly needs.

  • javi g

    i think he should go to jail. but first rehab or mental help.

  • honesty

    Great now his parents just need to spank him a few good times. Jk. But I hope he falls in love again. He seems like the type that needs that grounding anchor in his life. He is just unfortunately looking for it in the wrong places. A nice level headed girlfriend could clean him up. He seems to not want to listen to anyone except a significant other. I think that when he had selena, they were always in touch so he always had someone to talk to and someone to relate to and now that she’s not really there he’s losing it a little. Hopefully he finds it again.

    • cre

      oh please she the reason he the way he is! He was doing so much better before he ever met her this happen after he met her, she the one who screw him over this never happen when he was with caitlan she not a famewhore selena is, he saw how a scew a girl can be to be famous and he lost sight of who on his side after him trusting selena so much and then her bullying him on the media calling him a douchbag and laugthing at him for crying how can he trust people when the person he love screw with his head so much she the reason he acting out, please leave that famewhore out of his life, find someone who there for you for who you are not someone who wants to benefit from his fame.

      • Guest

        Trust me, I was not a fan of Jelena, he needs a good girlfriend who wants him for him.

  • sigh

    please justin get help :(

  • boystan

    i feel kinda bad for him

  • boystan

    not his fans

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Beliebers make me embarrassed to be human. just wow.

  • Anonymous

    That’s right babe DENY DENY DENY! Then sneak into rehab and I’ll meet you. Te amo Justin <3

  • JUG

    I think Justin should start singing some different types of songs. The music video for Confident is not bad but I have to say that all the songs from Journals start to sound the same after a while. He should try singing some songs that show his vocals more. Maybe sing something in Spanish. I would love to hear him take on a song like this to prove he has real talent. http://youtu.be/MqMTfQucJWU

  • RegReach

    Beliber its a schoo night go to b ed

  • Cici

    Sooo…wait he was arrested again, or this is old news?