• Sandy McFarlane

    wait they were actually kinda cute together

  • misssterry

    they look cuter than cody & gigi tbh. gigi looks like she can be his big sister

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    wait so… is this really Cody Simpson? People on twitter are saying that’s not Cody!!…

  • anon

    Looks nothing like them.

    • Godney

      I dont think thats kylie… it doesnt really look like her

      • Nya

        Did you see the other picture?

        • Godney

          Yes i did, but it doesnt look her her now… thats why in another comment i said it looks old. Maybe it was from when Cody was just starting?, cus her face looks kinda weird to me. Maybe was the flash, idk.

          • Nya

            It is old

  • boystan

    is this old

  • Godney

    How old is this picture tho? it looks really old.

  • Cici

    Well they were cute. But I mean wasn’t Kylie like 13-14 during this time? Damn…….

  • Duckyhoward15

    Harry and Kendall next I see right ?