Miley Unplugged Madonna Spank Video

madonnahard‘Don’t Tell Me’ with Madonna, ‘4X4′, ‘Do My Thang’ & ‘Drive’.

UPDATED with ‘Jolene’ and ‘Rooting For My Baby’! More HERE!

  • boystan

    oh my god

    • cerenagee

      Guess who got their staples center tix todayyyy (; where are your seats?

      • boystan

        YATH THLAY BITCH! i got the fan package so floor seats. i can’t wait!

        • cerenagee

          Wtf you rich little beyotch! Meanwhile I’m stuck in lodge 6. I was going to get floor seats but I’m buying tix for me andddd my sister so that was pricey. Meh I hate you. Lucky mofo

        • thecat61

          Weren’t you one of the ones bitching about how pricey the fan packages were? If not, I apologize. But you guys have a good time.

          • boystan

            nah i only bitched about the meet n greet package being to pricey

          • thecat61

            ok gotcha.

  • boystan

    that was actually really good

  • Cici

    So, I watched this & I overall enjoyed it. Her voice sounded great. She sang “Adore You”, “Drive”, “Rooting for my Baby”, “Jolene”, and “Wrecking Ball” all beautifully. But I absolutely hate how she portrays Nashville. She makes it seem like it is one giant farm full of ratchet rednecks & it is far from that. She’s been doing that forever. Stahp. You moved away when you were 11, your memory is obviously failing. & “Do My Thang” sounded terrible. She looked beautiful, her clothes weren’t too weird, and really did well entertaining.

  • Amanda

    Oh Miley you are so talented. Stop taking away from it with your crazy antics!

  • Asdfghjkl


  • :)

    I love love loveeeeeeee her cover of Jolene, I hope she does a studio version. Also, this was perfect.. she was making fun of herself, the outfits were not that hideous either, and overall it was really entertaining. Go Miley!

  • wow

    Drive. WOW. Amazing. So beautiful.

  • mountainmiracle

    The only song that she actually sung good was Jolene. I wish she would sing more song like that,her voice is made for it. I was pretty disappointed with all the performances I was bored the whole time. The songs on her album don’t capture the talent she has and I hope that her next album will be better.

  • Clauber

    OMG Madonna is in the Hannah MOntana show!,

  • mountainmiracle

    Also do my thang…how do i begin. That was probably the worst thing I’ve ever heard.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Do My Thang. What did I just fucking watch. This looks like a fucking SNL skit. Is her life a joke or…? At least she hit the high notes, but what the fuck was that rendition.

    I really did enjoy Adore You. Madonna & Miley are just…. my god, both artists have hit a new low.

    • cerenagee

      Bahahaha thank you. Her voice was gold though.

    • Cici

      Yeah I really can’t with Madonna. She needs to sit down & stay there. It’s been time.

  • Silver

    Miley why you so pretty??!!!

  • threelittlebirds

    that wig makes her look like a young dolly parton

    • thecat61

      That was the point. ‘Just channeling my inner fairy god mother’ — Miley

  • cerenagee

    Her voice is beautiful omg

  • cerenagee

    Watching miley and Madonna grind on each other absolutely sickened me though like ew fucking nooo

  • boystan

    4×4 omg

  • lol

    lol wonder who she was talking about when she said I didn’t trust that bitch on Jolene anyone caught that? I cant wait for miley concert because she will diss people on her song and throw little hints love when she does that!

    • thecat61

      I caught it. I’m sure somebody will make something up and everyone will start the bitch mode again.

      • lol

        wonder who she was talking about when she said she didn’t trust that bitch tham I really want to know and she was looking at the camera so that was for somebody

        • thecat61

          She also said it during her performance at Clive Davis pre-Grammy party.

  • XaskTaylorX

    Miley wouldn’t be singing Jolene if she was that crazy. She’s still got some of her old normal self. If only she could dress and act a little better.

  • SmilerForJoe

    Bangerz (except for the title) could have been so much better if it were a more natural or country album!

  • HolyGround

    Lol that gif of her smacking Madonna makes it look like they are two high school girls trying to pull off sexy moves at a talent show.

  • RegReach

    I thought she was gonna sing hoedown throwdown

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Her grinding on that costume horse, raunchy.
    Jolene was nice though.

  • Anon

    Brb listening to rooting for my baby

  • Emmy

    I think Miley gave one of her best belts to date in the “Do My Thang” chorus.

  • cerenagee

    I just really wish she didn’t fee the need to do these random ass crazy things. It makes her trashy and takes away from her voice tbh. If I close my eyes I fall in love and then I open them and am like………

    I really hope I didn’t waste $260 on tix for her concert and she actually puts on a good performance

    • thecat61

      I saw her Wonder World Tour and she was great. She does put on a good show. But listening to her now she sounds so much better.

      Just go and enjoy yourself and have fun. Forget about everything else. Remember the acoustic part she said she would do depending on the audience, so don’t let her down.

  • threelittlebirds

    i kinda liked do my thang, but i didn’t like how mtv cut out ‘bitch.’ i don’t think it’s that bad of a word

  • BrokenArrow18

    I missed it. I watched a few songs and she was amazing gonna watch the one with madonna it sue looks crazy lol