ProActiv ‘We Can Give Bieber Products’

justin-bieber-mugshotSkincare brand Proactiv claims Justin Bieber isn’t using their skincare line anymore that is why is skin is broken out in his mugshot. Bieber was their ambassador between 2010 and 2012. ProActiv rep told E! News: ‘If Justin is interested in receiving Proactiv, we are happy to work with his team to get him the products he needs.

Proactiv prides itself on having strong relationships with our celebrity fans. Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Field’s dedication to helping people take control of their acne does not expire with the end of an endorsement deal.’

TMZ recently posted: ‘Proactiv co-creator Dr. Kathy Fields tells us, she’s seen the mugshot and it’s clear Justin’s stress is causing him to break out.. so they’re gonna send him some Proactiv+ and X-Out to help get him back on track.’

Will Justin get full-on spokesman deal again? Fields said they look for people who are in ‘the right state to help others and right now Justin needs to get himself healthy.’


  • boystan

    lmfao drag him

  • FuckHarry

    Lmao that’s so mean! But for real what happened to his skin? He has flawless skin like last year? O.o

    • Silver

      Unhealthy choices… Skin is very sensitive to foreign objects. They can either work well for it or completely mess up your skin.

    • guest

      Yup…bad choices like toxins (junk food, alcohol, drugs) can make skin go haywire.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    At least he has better skin than Harry Styles!

  • Marina And My Diamonds


  • cerenagee

    hahaha wow. Proactivs way of covering their ass. Their products are shittt

    • asdf

      Seriously. It’s such BS that Justin was ever using Proactiv in the first place. And on top of that, some stupid topical treatment isn’t going to stop acne caused by stress and/or drugs. The people at Proactiv don’t know anything.

  • laura

    Isn’t proactiv the worst thing you can actually use for your skin? I always hear such horror stories about it.

    • threelittlebirds

      yea, i’ve heard from people who’ve used it and once they stopped using it their face broke out 10x worse

  • dany

    I laughed at this so bad omg

  • BangBang

    Was that statement even necessary?