Demi ‘Don’t Remember Smoking W/ Joe’

demi-lifeDemi Lovato discusses how Joe revealed he smoked pot with Miley & her. Beyond Candid with Giuliana: Demi Lovato premieres Monday, February 3 at 3 PM ET/PT and 10 PM ET/PT, on E! She also said about rehab: ‘I don’t blame any one else except myself.. for being honest. No one can save you but yourself.’

Demi on Joe Jonas: ‘We smoked pot together? I don’t remember, because clearly I was chilling! But I’m pretty sure it happened.. and I called him [Joe Jonas] and was like ‘hey’ and he was so afraid to talk to me. I was like, ‘relax, we’re good.. just don’t be so stupid next time.. I want to sit and talk to you in person. But I love you it’s all good.’ We’re always going to be friends.’

Happy Birthday Wilmer!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Giirrrl *side-eyeing*

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    She played it out well.

  • Anna

    She seems like she would be a good friend because most people would not been able to be that big of a person in that kind of situation.

  • dd

    Shes jokes


    it was all miley

  • boystan

    oh my god drag him for filth, demetria!

  • boystan

    i think demi’s winning me back now i wanna go see her show

  • She’s amazing <3

  • fb

    she doesn’t remember because she was abusing alcohol and drugs too much that her mind was in the la la land

    • Rosemary

      LOL exactly what I was thinking!

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      youre probably right which is so so sad :(

    • anonymous

      she still thinks she’s cool for it. but actually she shamed herself and everyone around her, and nearly died

  • what a tool

    ” just don’t be so stupid next time”
    wow wow wow !! so much for being “the bigger person” everyone is outing her to be.I don’t see him calling her names anywhere

    • thesestrangelittlethings

      She wasn’t being literal, yet it was somewhat stupid. Drug use isn’t always something to be vocal about, no matter how open you are about it.

      • nn

        She can share her story about drug use but he can’t .Got it

        • A


  • Anon
    • velmerwalldrama

      she looks older than her actual age so it’s fine
      he played selena’s uncle though xD lol I can’t

      • Anon

        He looks older than her tho. But it’s better than her dating one of the 1D whores.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      this is the first time she has publicly acknowledged that he is her boyfriend. WOW. This is a big step for demetria

  • Anon

    Wait, I just realized he’s doing a tv show with Eiza, Liam Hemsworths ex hookup. What a small world.

    • blep

      miley & chenye (or however the fuck you spell his ratchet name) vs demi & wilmer & eiza


      • anon

        that’s easy whoever is on liam’s team would win in a physical fight. The guy is 6’3 and ways over 200 pounds xd

        • anonananon


      • in jesus name i pray amen

        I love this camp rock reference lmfao

  • soft ghetto

    It’s weird to me how she claims she doesn’t remember like stop being sketchy

  • 61

    I felt like joe was confessing a murder or something because it’s a long ass article with emo ass pictures and fans going ” I love you no matter what” when all he did was smoke weed and have sex . Is that even something worth mentioning ? Unless he did other things he didn’t talk about

    • Q

      hahaha please dont came out with this shit because is not true sweetie joe jonas is not like justin bieber he is a drug addict slepping with prostitutes and confessing a murder wow a mental illnes you have you dont have any idea to talk about him right?please tell me more about your jokes because the one you post is make me laugh you moron

      • jfk

        you sound like a fucking idiot. get your facts straight before you comment.

        • Q

          Shut up you are the same person who post some ridiculous shit how embarrassing

      • We Know You’re the Same Person

        I find it so hilarious you believe all of us on OceanUp think you’re a different person each time you comment. People like you make me despise the world sometimes. Please, get off of the fucking internet if you don’t have any sense of morality, logic, and humiliation. Oh, and ALL of us know you refresh the page and ‘up’ your comment as if ANYONE on this website would agree with your idiotic words trying to pass as sentences. You make no sense when you comment, and all of us put up with you, genially letting you have the benefit of the doubt because you make a COMPLETE fool of yourself every single time you try to pass judgement on a post. I honest to God don’t know if English is your first language, and if it is, please learn some more of it. I wish you the best during your journey up from this embarrassment on this site.

        • Q

          What ? You are nobody to tell me that get off the Internet you need to get the fuck off not me you are not the owner on this site bitch why because I am telling the truth? You gonna talk to me like that? You need help too maybe you are the one who was typing this shit and made all the crap

          • We Know You’re the Same Person

            Oh, wow. Great comeback. I derisively applaud you.

          • Q

            are you posting this for your mental hospital?

        • Q

          If English is not my firts language? well I am not the only one in here everybody in here they are not english the firts language this site is not for learnig English and embarrassment ? wow sweetie you are the one who are embarrassing from this site

      • lmao

        calm down all I said is that he didn’tdo any harm or anything that big and immoral to confess it.He makes it such a big deal when the things he did are considered normal in the US.I’m not saying he shouldn’t feel that they’re important enough.It’s his life, h was clearly not raised in environment where pot and sex were normal and that’s why it’s such a big deal to him.Not saying that he’s a pure angel, just that he was raised as a pastors son.It’s different

        • Q

          stop pretending a im sorry i am not stupid like you why because the way you talk ?i dont think so and joe jonas having sex with his girlfriend ashley green in that time and demi and miley the give him a smoke to him and everybody are not pure angel because everyones makes mistakes

      • bum2chair

        I don’t understand what you are trying to say here. Are you trying to say that they are lying about Joe having sex and smoking weed? If so where have you been Joe himself confessed to that in an interview.
        I really think next time you post something you should slow down and proof read. That way next time we can try to better understand your point instead of this jumbled up train wreck.

        p.s. I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say your from Brazil or a nearby country

        • Q

          haha what please you dont know me. from brazil? sorry i am not from brazil please dont put ridiculous comments about me i live in the united states i am american maybe you are from another country and thats why you you talk to me like that and you are not nobody to tell me that to post something that i should slow down sorry but you are not nobody to tell me that everybody in here are free to writes comments because they want it to the majorie of people in here are haters i think this site is about to hate celebreties maybe you are one of them and your comments that you put to me why you say that the person who say mean things to joe jonas ?because that person is a hater

          • bum2chair

            I’m not a hater, Joe is just some dude to me nothing less nothing more. The previous comment was just saying why is it a big deal that he smoked weed and had sex? because it is pretty normal unless you have blinders on and are totally oblivlous to all that is around you.
            If you are from my country than I hope to god you are some emotional preteen because at least that would make sense to why you are so terrible at grammar and why you totally flipped out for no damn reason.

        • brazil<3

          Whaat? Don’t offend us brazilians!!

          • bum2chair

            no offense to Brazil or Brazilians. Its just that your country’s official language is not English. Which would help answer why the previous comment from Q had such terrible grammar. Second I thought of Brazil because well its no secret you guys go crazy over your idols.
            Which is not a bad thing.
            although I am sorry, but usually when I see a dramatic fan that makes no sense 9/10 they’re usually from South America

    • KK

      wow i cant belive that you have a mental disoder to made all this crap by your own you know you need help right? i need you to go to mental hospital because you deserve it i am not playing i am teling the truth

      • threelittlebirds

        i like how everyone who, god forbid, doesn’t have the same opinion as you has a mental disorder. is that the only “insult” you can come up with?

        • KK

          sorry it was my opinion and i think some people in here has metal disorder or they are infant the way they talk

          • threelittlebirds

            you don’t tell people that they have a mental disorder just because they have a different opinion than you. it’s super rude

          • KK

            what the fuck super rude? i dont think so the person who say mean things about joe jonas and yeah diffrent opinion to what to insult others ?please and you say to me i was rude ? wow what else got in your mind ?because i want to know

          • threelittlebirds

            no one said anything mean about joe. and please learn proper grammar, because i’m having a hard time understanding what you’re trying to say.

    • soft ghetto

      the article was more than sex and drugs he was explaining to the fans about certain rumors, the band breaking up, and defending nick from the hate he was getting.

  • ty

    what a liear of course demi was smoking and she was ofering to joe jonas to smoke

  • andy

    I think what she meant to say was he can share his story, but he shouldnt involve others and take responsibility for his actions. Demi share her story but never said names

    • venb

      beacause it was all her and her father, she didn’t mention names because no one did anything to her

  • STFU

    Demi needs to stop using Joe to pimp herself. MOVE THE FUCK ON!

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    You can’t seperate the gay best friend from the girl!

    Joe & Demi <3

  • Emmatome

    For once, I’m actually happy with what she said. That was quite cute.

  • Clauber

    He is such a puss..

    • gbhgb

      you mean she is such a puss