Justin Bieber Tests Positive For Drugs!

justin-bieber-drug-addict-in-bedjuinst-bieber-drug-reportJustin Bieber tested positive for drugs. His toxicology report from his DUI arrest in Miami Beach was obtained by TMZ & tested positive for marijuana [THC] and prescription medication [Alprazolam, a key ingredient in Xanax, prescription anti-anxiety medication].

Justin’s urine was tested right after he was arrested for driving under the influence on January 23. The report is consistent with the police report where cops say he told them his mom had provided him with prescription pills.

Justin also told cops he had been smoking pot in his recording studio all night long. Bieber has pled NOT GUILTY to the charges. Do YOU think Selena was correctly when she reportedly call him a drug addict?

UPDATE: Read Bieber’s FULL DUI ARREST police report HERE! Police: ‘While en route to the station, I noticed the strong odor of marijuana coming from the back seat of my vehicle. At one point, I told the defendant that he reeked of marijuana.’

Breathalyzer test: ‘Defendant was told not to touch or grab the hose. Defendant continually attempted to grab the hose throughout the testing process. Defendant could not blow continuously for more than a couple of seconds.

Defendant advised he was blowing as hard as he could, & told me to look at how red his face was. Another 3 minutes passed with no valid breath sample.’ They believed he was purposely not doing it correctly, Bieber said: ‘that he was blowing into the hose like he blows into his trumpet.’ Eventually, he blew a .08 and .078.

NOTE: Bieber to appear in court March 10 for hitting Limo driver. Details under!

Officer asked if Bieber had taken any medications he replied ‘that he did, but did not know what specific medications. Defendant explained that he took medications for anxiety. Well, my mom takes care of all that stuff for me.’

During his Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST), Bieber said that his ‘right knee had a torn meniscus.’ The standard test recorded that Bieber ‘loses balance during instructions, starts before told to do so, doesn’t touch heel to toe, steps off line one or two times, raises one or both arms six or more inches to maintain balance, does not turn correctly or loses balance during turn.’

The report also recorded his attitude as ‘excited, talkative, profanity, cooperative, insulting, and cocky. Unfortunately, the box for ‘polite’ was left unchecked. ‘Defendant had a dry mouth during my interaction with him. Defendant repeatedly asked for water. After the breath test, I bought defendant a bottle of water from a nearby vending machine.’

BIEBER LIMO DRIVER BEATING UPDATE: Bieber was charged with assault for allegedly hitting a Toronto limousine driver several times in the back of the head last month. Bieber is scheduled to appear in court in Toronto on March 10. Police allege Bieber was one of six people who were picked up by a limousine from a nightclub in the early morning hours of Dec. 30, and there was an altercation while en route to a hotel.

Police said during the altercation one of the passengers hit the limo driver in the back of the head several times. ‘The driver stopped the limousine, exited the vehicle and called police. The man who struck him left the scene before police arrived.’ Howard Weitzman, Bieber’s attorney in California, said his client is innocent and declined to comment.

Weitzman said he expects the case to be treated as a summary offense, which is the equivalent of a misdemeanor in the United States. ‘The Toronto Police Service requested that Justin Bieber appear in Toronto today to face an allegation of assault relating to an incident on December 29, 2013. We anticipate that this matter will be treated as a summary offense, the equivalent of a misdemeanor in the United States.’

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  • laura

    Aren’t doctor results and police reports supposed to be confidential? Pretty fucked up that gossip sites have access to this.

    • javi g

      money talks. and gossip people pay big bucks for that kind of info.

  • Boo

    The media is so intrusive on people’s personal lives. It doesn’t matter what this boy has done, this is personal private business.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Where is his God now?

    Where is the Jesus he prays to every night?

    • honesty

      This is literally the dumbest comment I have seen on this site. Believing in God doesn’t mean that you never run into trouble……

      • Marina And My Diamonds


      • anonymous

        to your last point, yes. you can’t just believe

        • honesty


    • nina

      where were his mom? where were his dad, his siblings, his manager, his friends?

  • Zaina777

    I told you so. The kid’s a druggie/junkie. Still though we shouldn’t see Justin D. Biebers toxicology tests like it’s our right. Some personal stuff should be kept private. Celebrity life must suck. The second you do anything wrong the police files or medical files are broadcast to the whole world for everyone to see.

  • Lily

    I’m actually shocked that he’s clean on the hard shit, meth and coke, etc. Like, weed and prescription pills… Even I’m on those.

    He’s still a dumbass though.

  • blah

    lol a druggie? since when does smoking weed make you a druggie? wow he’s taken xanax too like omg what a druggie! i take xanax’s all the time for anxiety, and i smoke weed. doesnt make me a druggie. this clearly proves he doesnt do all this crazy shit that the media says he does. he drinks and smokes like most people. the only thing he’s doing wrong is making himself seem like an idiot and putting himself out there by these stupid car races and egging houses shit. other than that he’s not some crazy bad kid who needs to go to rehab or anything serious like that. all he really needs is to chill and quit acting douchey and get back to his old self.

    • anonymous

      weed could easily make yours, his, etc anxiety etc worse

    • KK

      yes he is druggie he is smoking marijuana and consume cocaine and he is some crazy kid justin bieber needs to go to rehab because he has mental disoder and everything not just that he went to jail if you defend him you must be lunatic

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Did you even read the report? It said cocaine not detected. NOT detected.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I thought it was going to be some hardcore drugs but still it shouldn’t be taking lightly. I can’t believe the way TMZ keep tabs on him, I would sue because this is suppose to be personal.

  • anonymous

    only 700 sigs left until the DEPORT BEEBR petition is the highest in america!


  • javi g

    people. you are missing the point here. he was driving with drugs in his system. he could have killed the hooker he was with and other innocent people. he should go to jail. but unfortunately the law is blind when it comes to celebrities.

    • anonymous

      no one missed the point

  • anonymous


    above rapists etc


  • anonymous


  • Shut up

    To anyone with a brain and actually read the police report^ u would see its Khali’s police report not justin. So fuck all of u

  • Guest

    Doesn’t smoking week make you really anxious and paranoid? It’d explain the Xanax in his system, but that’s just counterproductive.

    *Note: I’m not ruling out that he could be taking Xanax for anxiety in general. WIth how quickly he rose to fame, it doesn’t surprise me that he needs it.

  • boystan

    BITCH, ME TOO! You ain’t special, bitch!

  • ghn

    well sonner or later this drug addiction kid will be a murder or serial killer

  • BrokenArrow18

    I thought I would be worse?