Selena Gomez & Mystery Man DATE?

selena-gomez-date-night-pictures (1)Since Austin Mahone confirmed that he is NOT dating Selena Gomez, it’s possible she has a secret boyfriend to help her recover from the fallout of Justin Bieber’s drug arrest. Selena was recently spotted out with this mystery man. Do YOU know who it is?


  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Not an attractive face… The guy looks okay for a rebound I guess.

  • Dezarai

    That is one of her dances she has pictures of all her dancers on instagram you guys try to make a story out of everything

  • Team Selena

    It’s an old picture! Lol. Nice one Oceanup

  • cerenagee

    Why is this site so set on making Selena look like either a victim, an angel or thirsty. And then the haters are dumb enough to believe it. Thank god there are people on this post with a brain.

  • boystan

    get that latino dick

  • Lionel Eguizabal

    this is old picture

    • boystan

      yeah it looks old

      • Lionel Eguizabal


  • Clauber

    What? Why do you assume that She is dating him LMFAo

  • roxanneXD


  • Dina

    stop assuming she is dating anyone, just casue she took a two pics a guy, omg leave her alone already, she is single and does not need all those rumers about her that you media posts , she is not dating that guy or any guy ! she has lots of friends, nothing wrong with that at all, without meaning anything from her guy friends! he is one of her dancers