1D Midnight Memories Music Video

lou-gayharry-louis-midnight-memoriesUPDATED with DOCOMO photo shoot!

  • Dara

    Does anyone else think this is an obvious rip off of Pour Some Sugar On Me? I forgot the guy’s name that sung it. Something Leppard?
    Anyways, it seems like a lot of their songs are blatantly ripping off of other songs…..

    • Liz

      maybe but just for your info must of the songs are ripping off of other songs many of the BIG music stars inspire in their childhood idols all of them said that so it’s ok it just shows that does BIG stars made a BIG impact in music history

      • Dara

        Just because they are their childhood idols means it’s ok for them to rip off of their songs? I disagree. I think that if they really were their “childhood idols” they wouldn’t rip off of their songs and try to pass them off as their own.
        I guess in this case it doesn’t matter. There are tons of interviews in which Def Leppard (Guy that sung pour some sugar on me) is saying he’s not going to sue them because he’s flattered that they liked his song so much that they copied him Lol

        • Liz

          Funny there are ton of interviews where the same guy says that it’s ok because they did that too at some point so you choose to believe and read the negative ones…and just for information some of the songs in selena’s last record have the same music of some latin songs but you don’t listen to latin music so what would you know….

    • Guest

      def leppard

    • HolyGround

      I thought the same exact thing. Every time I sing the chorus of this song it somehow always ends up in me singing the Def Leppard one because they sound so similar.
      The music video was cute though

  • roxanneXD

    sorry but this band sucks! all songs are repetitive and are similar

    • jake

      Many of the music now days is repetitive you can count with the fingers of one hand the artist that are actually good… ADVICE: if you don’t like don’t listen

    • http://lovinq-you.tumblr.com/ FuckHarry

      Thanks for watching the video and helping us break the record aha

  • lolumadhuh


  • http://lovinq-you.tumblr.com/ FuckHarry

    The video is so stupid but I love it. My babies look so cute ahhhhh.

  • Jess

    Same kind of video as always…BORING
    Can they do something else?

  • Emmy

    Anyone else bored of them? Honestly their latest album ripped off so many classic rock albums it’s not even funny. Ridiculous. I really wish they would disband. They offer nothing to the music industry besides this industrial line sugar pop that no one will remember in five years. Liam is a fantastic singer and if he’d learn not tweet so much then he should have a great career ahead of him.

    • kate

      maybe yeah but there aren’t many artist that offer music now days and I’m talking about real music like the 50’s 60’s 80’s music everything now days is very comercial for teens and parties and stuff don’t like? don’t listen it’s easy and actually way better that try to put someones effort down….

      • Emmy

        You may be surprised, but I’m not a “hater”. I’m just someone willing to tell the truth. I went to their concert last summer and I regret spending the money. They barely put any effort into it, it was a joke. It seemed as if Liam was the only one who cared and his vocals were on point. The girls scream so loud that they don’t even care if the show is good. There are plenty of artists that offer great music these days, but they don’t get the recognition. You call every in the 50s, 60s, etc. “real music”, but the truth is, the mainstream music back then was of real quality. Now, the mainstream is super generic and repetitive. I used to like 1D when they first came out because I think they sound best when Liam sings lead vocals. But now I’m sick of the mediocrity and Harry’s little sideshows and Louis who has the most mediocre voice trying to start feuds with entertainers with more talent than he does. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hate each other.

        • Andy

          don’t listen if you don’t like your whole comment is just trying to take away the credit and there isn’t just 1 possitive thing. Granted not all of them have super powerful voices but they can sing and I don’t know what concert you went but I took my little sis to one and I actually enjoy it and I’m actually not a fan myself

  • boystan

    that was such a cute video