5th Harmony Barbie Anything Is Possible

‘With Barbie, Anything is Possible’ the world’s most popular doll is debuting a new brand anthem to kick off 2014 with Fifth Harmony. ‘Barbie continues to inspire girls to dream big in 2014 with a new rally cry that celebrates girls and everything in their imaginative dream world.

As a group of five girls living out their own dreams, Fifth Harmony represents the fun, diverse, aspirational voice that both Barbie and the new anthem are all about, truly showing girls around the world that anything is possible.

There is no better partner to be the cornerstone of Fifth Harmony’s global licensing program than Barbie. The values Barbie represents for young girls are at the core of the Fifth Harmony brand and the story we are telling.’

“Barbie is so dynamic and universal, she’s not just blonde hair and blue eyed, she can be something totally different, as different as we are, ” says Normani. Adds Lauren: “Growing up, I considered Barbie my best friend – I took my Barbie dolls everywhere, so this is like a dream come true.”

The new Barbie song “Anything is Possible” features an energetic beat complemented by inspirational lyrics — such as, “I can be anything I want to be // If I can dream it, I can do it // Me and my girls — yeah! // It’s our world — yeah! // Anything is possible // We’re unstoppable // Me and my girls.”

“The Barbie Anthem means believing in yourself and your dreams,” says Ally. Adds Camila: “Anybody can do anything they set their mind to…this song sends an incredible message and the future depends on this kind of message being spread.” “Little girls can relate to the song.. any girl can relate to it,” says Dinah Jane.

To celebrate a year of girl empowerment together, Barbie will debut a full-length music video later this year featuring Fifth Harmony that brings the anthem’s spirited lyrics to life. Mattel will also introduce fans around the world to a Barbie Doll collection including five dolls created in the likeness of each Fifth Harmony member.

The doll collection is set to launch at select US retailers this holiday season and at retailers worldwide in early spring 2015.

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