Bieber ‘I Have Greatest Dad In World’

justin-bieber-dadJustin Bieber Tweeted about Daddy Jeremy: ‘I have the greatest Dad in the world. He’s taught me how to love, learn, and stay true to myself. I will forever be grateful because he was my superehero #batman’. Do YOU think Jeremy is greatest dad in the world?

NOTE: Justin Bieber was flagged by US Customs officials when he landed in New Jersey this afternoon because he has 2 pending criminal cases, reports TMZ. They did NOT find drugs on his private plane!

‘Bieber put through the grinder by Customs because of his two pending criminal cases. Once you’re flagged it’s a grueling process to get in the country.’ He should be cleared to leave Teterboro Airport because both alleged offenses are minor.

Bieber’s uncle posted a picture of sleeping Bieby and himself: nicholson101: We have a different relationship then most. I’m what he could have been if he didn’t follow his dreams. Construction worker never leaving Stratford. It’s hard to see everyone after him because of the decisions he has made.

We were all young once but never lived in a corrupted world of jealously, hate and not knowing the truth. Full of talent but sheltered from the world cause everyone is jealous of the fame and fortune but most of all the pure gift this cat brings to people around him.

Even for his age I have learned so much especially a life with freedom. He has a great team around him as he makes the transitions from boy to man. ~pick your path for your future and stick with it. Make choices for your self and be happy *Leo Nicholson #muchrespect #lilbro #growing

  • Mel

    He dont care about justin , he only want money and fuckin hoes too


      father son hooker parties

  • roxanneXD

    he also wanted your mom aborted you. bieber


      omg dead. sad but true

  • FuckHarry

    Didn’t he only come into his life after he got famous? I’m not sure but that’s what I’ve heard.


      yes and bieber is supporting him financially

    • :)

      There’s an interview where Pattie explains that’s what a lot of idiots think but it’s not true…. his father has always been a big part of his life. Might also be in her book that she wrote.

      • anna

        I’ve read the book. she did say he wasn’t around when she was pregnant, or when he was little. he did start to see him a bit when justin grew 11/12 but nothing like how it is now. he never supported pattie mentally or emotionally about having a child and didn’t support justin financially. her and jeremys relationship was very abusive. one time he even called her while he was in bed with her “best friend” to tell her he was with her now. the whole book she tells stories about Jeremy that make him sound like the scum of the Earth but then the very end of the book she said Jeremy changed as a person and is good to Justin. Which just sounds stupid imo.

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          ” her and jeremys relationship was very abusive. one time he even called her while he was in bed with her “best friend” to tell her he was with her now.”

          I remember this part, crazy.

          • anna

            yeah!! out of the entire book thats the part that really stuck out to me and that i remember the most. i couldn’t imagine how she must of felt at that time.

          • anonymous

            like a used hoe?

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Couldn’t imagine it neither and I’m not the violate type but I would have beat both of their ass that day.

        • soft ghetto

          that whole book sounds stupid and unnecessary imo, like how desperate and fame whorish do you have to be to write a book about that shit. his dad isn’t much better either.

      • FuckHarry

        Oh that’s good cause I’ve heard people say that he wasn’t around but I guess that’s good.

    • Guest

      His mom said that “that’s what people think, but he has actually been in his life from the very beginning.” There’s pictures of them together when Justin was younger and not famous. And I don’t think it’s our place to say if he’s a good father or not. We aren’t with Justin or Jeremy to observe their interactions.

      • FuckHarry

        I never said this dad wasn’t there for him I was just asking.

        • Guest

          I never said that you did say that.

          • FuckHarry

            Oh sorry I missinterpeted what you said.

  • Hollyhysteria

    lol k

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    ”Do YOU think Jeremy is greatest dad in the world?”
    Not our right to judge tbh.

  • Emily

    I live near justin and I know a girl who knows his dad and he said “atleast having a kid has paid off somehow” referring to his money and letting him drive his car….definitely not a good dad imo

  • anonymous

    if only doctors prescribed reality checks and not weed

  • fghjk

    haha greates father in the world? haha ridiculous

  • Godney

    didnt his father just showed up when he got rich tho?

  • soft ghetto

    he reminds me of regina george’s mom at this point tbh

  • jjoe

    his dad is HOT! bieber is a dumb kid that gets manipulated but his dad is the smart hot older guy that knows how to manipulate.

  • boystan

    lol i doubt it

  • Redneckatheart

    If he were a great dad Justin wouldn’t be in all the trouble he is in. Both parents have slacked thinking his team would do something when it’s their job to guide him in the right direction.

  • Anonymous

    Justin Bieber’s dad is a Crackhead the states doesn’t know about this because he’s spoken about highly by Justin though notice how Pattie never says anything? Before Justin wasn’t seeing him much due to the fact he would make him sign any articles such a pictures, sports balls, etc with his signature to sell it on Ebay for crack money. Now that Justin is a party animal him and his father are a perfect match. Many people in Stratford know about this, his majority of his family had to sign a contract to both not ask for money AND speak privately about Justin, nothing has been said. Eventually everybody is going to find out about your secrets Bieber.