Demi Is Casting Joe/ Wilmer Lookalikes

Demi Lovato has cast a Joe Jonas/ Wilmer Valderrama lookalike for her Neon Lights ‘Tour Content’. The role, which earns $300.00, is looking for a male aged 20-24, HERO GUY, all ethnicities. Young, cool, hip, interesting faces. Prototypes, young Wilmer Valderama, Joe Jonas. THIS ROLE will cast off pics and shoots tomorrow FRIDAY JAN. 31st- mid afternoon start time.

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    looks like the ‘engagement’ is just neon lights pr.

    • anonymous

      hoping and praying that some new talent that aren’t losers and drug addicts will come! please jesus

    • ItsTesss

      how can it be if only gossip sites bring it up? She never said a word about it

  • Bend

    This is a new low for her…

    • Alison

      Rlly? Cuz is not real…obviously she would have told them how to spell Wilmer’s name correctly.

  • ijustneedyounow

    i think this is fake… they even misspelled the name, “Wilber” ? really?

  • anonymous

    this is so cringe

  • Anon

    Omg I used to go to school with a guy that looked just like Joe he’s 21 now.

  • Anon
  • bae


  • roxanneXD

    Demi Lovato was opening act to Jonas concerts in 2008 and 2009 and now one of them (Joe Jonas ) is part of cast to her shows?

    #flopjonas ? this are the consequences of being lazy and not put interest to the music & fans and this happened since 2010.

    • anon

      joe is not part of the cast. they’re looking for a joe and wilmer look-alike.

    • anon

      demi actually opened for them in 2008 & 2010. 2009 was their world tour with honor society and jordin sparks

      • roxanneXD

        Demi was opened in 2009 for latin america! and this of they’re looking for a joe and wilmer look-alike. is wtf haha

    • Guest

      I don’t think The Jonas brothers being lazy was the cause of their decline,boy bands usually have short careers no matter how hard they work.

  • Anon

    Good thing they can’t spell Wilmer’s name…..

  • Q

    Haha wow I want to see this

  • FuckHarry

    So fake they spelled his name wrong lmaoo. Did they even try to make this look real aha

  • Tesss

    LOL even if this is true, Demi probably just wants to cast boys who she thinks are hot. Wilmer and Joe look a lot like eachother i think so i guess she just wants a little bit that smooth and cool type in her tour.

    • ty

      No joe jonas dosent look like wilmer is not handsome like him hes face is total different

      • GFBF

        well wilmer is not handsome joe jonas is the handsome

        • ty

          thats what i am saying wilmer is not handsome like joe jonas thats i was i am try to say and i love joe jonas he is soooo gorgeous

    • KK

      no you wrong joe jonas is handsome and wilmer is different than he is hes face well everything

    • lols

      I agree, they do look like. Wilmer’s skin is way more tanned tho, he probably has different mixed ancestries.

  • ItsTesss

    If this is true Demi probably just wants to cast some hotties. She’s attracted to people like Wilmer and Joe (the cool and a little smooth type) so thats what she wants on her tour. hahaha if I were Demi i’d want some eye candy too lol ;)

  • Aria

    love the fact that it says ‘young’ Wilmer.

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    what an idiot

    • xx

      your icon<3

      • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

        gabriel <3

  • Clauber

    this is funny

  • they’re aweful smh

    one word : thirsty
    I bet it’s also nick’s back stabbbing ass who’s helping her with tour

    • Gin

      Literally nick is so fucked up and disgusting for even associating with her smfh! You don’t see joe associating with Miley or one of nicks ex gf he literally is disgusting

  • same person

    I’m gonna fuckin barf if wilmer shows up with his 35 years old saggy ass to the funeral.Yuck, joe’s a fuckin idiot for being friends with him -___-

  • anonymous

    Demi Lovato is disgusting and creepy as hell. Does she really have to use Joe and her addiction to sticking cocaine up her nostrils all the time? She needs some new material and to retire.

  • soft ghetto

    I hope this is fake bc it’s embarrassing.

  • laura vanden daele

    Of course it’s fake. 300 dollars is not enough and they spelled wilmers name wrong.

  • Some Dude

    Oh shit, this is my opportunity to meet my bb!!

    • Some Dude

      Jk deadline missed

  • Some Dude

    OU where’s the link to this I need to see if it’s legit

  • boystan

    that’s creepy and embarrassing

  • Anon

    This girl is literally fucked up

  • fdsa

    ew what does she even see in wilmer