Demi Lovato Engagement Ring Photo?

Is Demi Lovato Showing Off An Engagement Ring At LAX?Is Demi Lovato Showing Off An Engagement Ring At LAX?Demetria Lovato lands on a flight at LAX Airport on January 30, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. Rumors swirl that she is engaged to Wilder Valderrama, as she was spotted wearing a ring on her finger. Demi Tweeted: ‘to the funniest, most inspiring, incredible man I know..

@WValderrama – thank you for helping me get through my darkest moments.. You truly are a light to this world and to my life.. Happy Birthday!’ Wilder responded: ‘who needs presents when the gift of you is real to us all.. Thank you for the blessing of knowing you.’

NOTE: Demi’s rep told E! News that she’s not engaged to Wilmer.

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    • Boo

      What the fuck is wrong with you?

    • dany

      the fuck is wrong with you? you sick…

  • dany

    I wonder if that thing on her wrist is a new tattoo?

  • Anon

    Wilmer looks better without scruff.

  • roxanneXD

    this is a

  • Heller

    That is definitely not an engagement ring.

  • Guest

    She has had that ring for years

  • Redneckatheart

    I wanna say that I’ve seen her wear that ring before. I doubt that’s an engagement ring.

  • boystan