Joe Jonas Mourns Loss Of Grandfather

jerry-jonas-death (1)joe-jonas-mourns-granfathers-jerrys-death (92)Budding socialite Joseph Jonas lunched with a friend at Fred Segal in West Hollywood. Joe, who is currently mourning the loss of his grandfather Jerry, tried to keep a smile on his face and wore a black bomber jacket, black tee, white jeans and black leather sneakers. Photos: GSI Media.

Read Jerry’s obituary HERE. RIP.



    nicholas jerry jonas come out of hidinggggggg

  • Rosemary

    Anyone notice how much Alex Kinsey looks like him these days?

    • u

      who ?

    • Anon

      Lol I always thought the guy from Alex and Sierra looked like Joe too ever since I saw him on xfactor

  • rip grandpa

    is the funeral tomorrow ? denise tweeted about it . Does that mean that whoever wants to go ..can go ?

    anyway he looks beautiful here.Glad to see him smiling amid this

    • ty

      yes he is beautiful like always

  • rip grandpa

    awwww joe’s face in the second picture when they were young . Really cute

  • boystan

    white pants


      he looks very gay (happy)

      • Clauber

        He is gay but he is not happy

        • OCEANUP

          lmao who did he lose virginity too then not ashley?

        • Moon

          maybe you are gay thats why you like joe jonas but i am sorry he is not gay if he was he was dating guys not woman so your comments are soooooo embarrasing he is not like justin bieber you know please dont made up shit like this that always came out to your mind and dont kno what else to made up

          • Clauber

            Easy, Oceanup is joking, we really dont know why he hasnt admited that he is gay, LOL just kidding

      • gnn

        haha sorry he is not gay because he was with million girls who were dating besides joe jonas loves woman and he likes to flirting with them so please

  • Sidney

    It’s probably not a good idea the funeral date was made public, you know theres still some wackos left in the Jonas fandom that will be crashing it.

    • emain

      I don’t know why she tweeted it.Maybe to get the word out for all their relatives and friends at once ? because since they’re going through a hard time she has no time to reach out to each one separately ? the link she posted had other things too not just the date maybe she didn’t notice or maybe she just simply wanted people (including fans) to come who knows ? if fans were respectful there is no harm that they attend and share them their grief and show condolence tbh

  • cerenagee

    Poor thing. May he RIP

  • Redneckatheart

    Poor thing. They were all really close with their grandpa :( My heart breaks for their family. May he R.I.P.

  • threelittlebirds

    never understood why guys wore white pants. it just seems more like a woman thing.



    • ty

      white pants is not for woman is unisex it means both sex can wore that

      • threelittlebirds

        I know what unisex means. I just don’t see many men wearing white pants, so it looks weird.

    • gngjm

      no white pants can wore men to

      • threelittlebirds

        I don’t understand you.

    • smh

      and women complain about men being sexiest smh

      • do


  • Clauber

    Its funny that just a feo years Ago the jonas were súper relevant

    • KK

      relevant? no you wrong

      • threelittlebirds

        So you’re saying they were never relevant??

  • thecat61

    The paps get a picture of Joe walking somewhere. How convenient.

  • Michelleg3323

    Joe looks good. Glad to see he’s happy and healthy.