Kylie Jenner Out W/ Miley’s Old Friend

Kylie Jenner Hangs Out With A FriendKylie Jenner walking LA today w/ Miley’s old friend. Photos: FameFlynet.


    anna oliver come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • anonymous


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    That’s a terrible combination of clothes.

  • anonymous

    she be struttin like she got status

  • boystan

    i remember him from the wonder world tour dvd

    • thecat61

      Is that Scottie?

  • boystan

    she looks fab

  • RegReach

    how tall is he

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Gays and their homosexual clothing…

  • what is he wearing? ew

  • Sara

    I remember him!

    • marri

      I believe Scotty Cunha worked with the Kardashians before he started leeching off of Miley, I mean working for Miley. Why do you think she dumped him? Now, if she’d just do the same with Cheyne!

      • agreed

        I second this!

  • alysha

    is he really that short??

  • NOTAmandaBynes?

    He dresses better than you guys.

  • She’s a joke

    who the hell even cares about her?

  • aha

    Whoa I remember him he’s Miley’s gay friend!

  • BrokenArrow18

    I’d hate to look like her tbh. She looks so freaking old and she’s teen like wth. When she’s in her tweenties she’ll look like shes 40 or something.

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