Austin North ‘Olivia Holt’s Like A Sister’

austin-north-hot-pictures (21)Teen hottie Austin North, 18, star of Disney Channel’s new series ‘I Didn’t Do It’, chatted with Starpulse about his life and working with other rising Disney Olivia Holt. Olivia and Austin star as siblings Lindy and Logan, who constantly have to explain their way out of strange situations.

Austin on following in the footsteps of past Disney stars such as Zac Efron: ‘It’s been amazing, really. It’s a dream. One of my main goals was to book a series regular [role], on Disney preferably, and it’s crazy just to see the process.

It’s kind of like a family. My first Disney role was on Kickin’ It and then they just had me come in for other stuff. I met Olivia like three years ago and we’ve been friends ever since. We’ve kind of got this brother-sister relationship in real life’.

On ‘I Didn’t Do It’ cast: ‘Ever since the day we met, we’ve all hit it off. We hang out on and off the set.’ Gallery of hot Austin pix below + more under the cut!

What else does Austin like to do? ‘[Playing the] drums is a big one of them. I’d love to incorporate some of my drumming into the show. I love just staying active; I lift weights a lot and I go and play basketball.’

Do you watch your own show? ‘I’ll watch it. I’m very critical of myself though,” he admitted. “I’ll sit there and look at every little thing that I do. But I do watch it and I learn from watching it.’

What else does he watch? ‘I’m really into like streaming movies and Netflix. I watch a lot of just random stuff. I do love action movies. I love the TV show 24 with Jack Bauer. I also love comedies as well. I’m kind of just like an anything kind of guy.’

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